Shonda Pulliam


East St. Louis, IL


Shonda Pullimam ~ S.U.M Writer ~ St. Louis, MO
Photo c/o Shonda Pulliam

Shonda Pulliam, an East St. Louis, Illinois native, is Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC’s newest writer, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her.  Shonda’s eagerness to learn and succeed in life blends with and compliments her positive and vibrant mindset perfectly.  The combination allows for a unique individual with a wonderful personality.

Shonda is an extremely talented poet who draws her inspiration from personal experiences, unconcealed emotions, and life itself.  In addition to creating works of poetry, Shonda is also a contributing writer to, an online community dedicated to uplifting and empowering Black women.  Her recent article, “Your Heart Comes At Such A Great Price…,” was widely accepted, and received great feedback.

Aside from beginning her tenure with Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, Shonda is the Self-Published Author of, “In Between Love,” and is currently working on her second book, a children’s work, entitled, “The Summer Of No Peaches”.  Shonda Pulliam is a great fit for. . . Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC!

In Between Love ~ By Shonda Pulliam.
Photo c/o Shonda Pulliam & Property of Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, Mar. 15, 2017