Poetess Cynthia Sherrell


St. Louis, MO


Poetess Cynthia Sherrell ~ S.U.M Writer

Poetess Cynthia Sherrell is an amazing addition to the Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC family.  She not only brings her flawless talent as a Poet, Writer, and Author, but she also brings a calming, spiritual aura with her as well.  As a Spiritual Life Coach, Cynthia has combined her passion to uplift and empower others with her entrepreneurial drive, and founded, Dare To Dream in 2012.

Being an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Cynthia uses Dare To Dream to teach her clients how to stop feeling powerless and start moving powerfully towards the life they deserve.  Aside from Dare To Dream, Cynthia has multiple degrees; Associates In Christian Studies and BA in Business & Organizational Studies.

Cynthia is also a columnist for Faith Heart Magazine and eLation Gospel Magazine, and Host of eLation Radio Podcast, and the author of, “Oh To Tell The Story: Chronicles Of An African-American Woman.”

Oh To Tell The Story – Chronicles Of An African-American Woman ~ By Cynthia Sherrell