Poetic Vibez @ The Book House

The Book House is one of Some’n Unique Magazine’s long-standing, and most supportive sponsors. It is an independent bookstore owned by Michelle Barron and Dave Simmons.

Poetic Vibez @ The Book House, is the brainchild of S.U.M Owner, F. Kenneth Taylor and Michelle Barron, who conjured the idea after Taylor performed a live, poetry open mic during a broadcast of Books Jazz Coffee & Smoke on BlogTalkRadio, in-store at The Book House in May 2017.

20170520_132823 (3)

Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively performs at SUM Live BlogTalkRadio broadcast at The Book House – May 2017

The May 2017 open mic was such a success that Michelle and F. Kenneth wanted to present a poetry open mic each month. Having the monthly open mic would be beneficial to both, The Book House and Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC by simply introducing each to new audiences.

Planning, timing, and preparation would take more than 6 months to complete, but finally, in Jan. 2018, The Book House and Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC launched the first Poetic Vibez @ The Book House Open Mic, and we have been rockin’ & rollin’ every since.

In the few, short months that Poetic Vibez @ The Book House has been in existence, we’ve already had some of St. Louis’ best spoken word artists and key figures honor us by ‘blessin the mic’, including;

  • Kaiserrific – Host of IDGAF Poetry & Team Kaiserrific
  • Layla Azmi Goushey – Bilingual Spoken Word Artist
  • Social Butterfly – Member of Team Kaiserrific
  • Mr. Poetry7 – IDGAF Poet/Spoken Word Artist
  • Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively – Urb Arts/Spoken Word Artist
  • Phil4Real – Rising STL Spoken Word Artist
  • Life Situations The Poet – Rising STL Spoken Word Artist
  • Coffee Wright – #1 Democratic Candidate For U.S. Missouri State Senate
  • Derrick Phillips – St. Louis Film-maker & Social Activist

Poetic Vibez @ The Book House is hosted by F. Kenneth Taylor, who also performs at each show. Snacks and beverages are available at each show, as well as copies of Some’n Unique Magazine at a 50% discount.

Poetic Vibez @ The Book House is the 2nd Saturday of each month. Come see us!

The Book House

7352 Manchester Blvd.

Maplewood, MO

Next Open Mic – Sat. May 12th, 2018 – 4p