Live Poetry At The Book House

In May 2017, S.U.M, LLC performed a live, in-store, simultaneous broadcast, of the Season 2 Finale of “Books, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke,”and an open-mic poetry session on BlogTalkRadio from The Book House.

The Book House is an independent bookstore owned by Michelle Barron and Dave Simmons, located in Maplewood, MO in St. Louis County.  The Book House is also one of several proud sponsors of Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, and has hosted book signings for S.U.M writers, including Owner, F. Kenneth Taylor in recent years.

During the broadcast, F. Kenneth Taylor made sure to pull Dave & Michelle away from their never-ending duties of owning, operating, and managing The Book House, just long enough for a quick interview with the duo.

Featured Poets;

  • Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively

  • Maria Balogh
  • Curtis Smith
  • Poetess Cynthia Sherrell (S.U.M Writer)
  • Mary G. Fortier
  • F. Kenneth Taylor (S.U.M Owner/Creator)


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S.U.M’s BLOGTALKRADIO Debut: The Replay

Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

As many of you may know, Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC debuted our new BLOGTALKRADIO show, “Books, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke,(BJCS)” last week on Wednesday, July 20th.  BJCS appears under our sponsor, Authoress Carolyn Ballard; CEO of The Diversity of the Minds Radio Network and airs every 2 weeks on Wednesdays, 8pm – 11pm CST.

Books, Jazz, Coffee & Smoke is hosted by S.U.M Owner, F. Kenneth Taylor and S.U.M Gen. Manager, K.G Bethlehem.  The show is primarily designed for aspiring writers, authors, poets, etc… We will also discuss current and world events, as well as interview entrepreneurs and up-and-coming writers, etc…

Check out last week’s show right here… right now, and to all the writers & poets, we invite you to call in during the last hour of this next week’s show (Aug. 3rd) and recite your poetry live on the air! ~ 516-531-9334

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