Pages Beyond The Epilogue: Story Of The Creators

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas
& Karen Hayward (Guest Writer)

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“The pen is mightier than the sword” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839

A famous quote, a fleeting moment’s recognition as we momentarily think of the chaos in this world.  We ponder the capabilities of ink versus a live bullet and if imaginations allow, we visually explore the carnage of red ink as it spills. Rarely do we pause to consider the mightiness of the pen; the many adventures it takes us on, the stories of love it fills us with, or the hope it gives us as we read the struggles of survival in a battered world. And even rarer still, do we consider the bearer of the pen, the mighty writer. We are capable of rewriting the atrocities of history, creating an entire universe, and simplifying the affairs of the heart, yet, rarely do we have a recognizable face within society.

Our world is not fueled by promises of limelight, sparkles or popularity.  We are often the faceless strangers you cross the road to avoid; some of us are misfits, others are the girl next door. Yet, in our faceless wonder, we have the ability to transport our readers to inner peace…or turmoil depending on what you choose.  We are the invisible superheroes, our powers transport you to another universe and beyond. The sole belief in our dreams fuel the powers we posses. We can be stripped of the materialistic possessions of society, and catastrophe can stand upon our doorstep, but our minds will never be deprived of the dreams that drive our passion to write.

Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Aug. 19th, 2016
Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Aug. 19th, 2016

Search the internet for qualities of creative writers, you will find the term, ‘introvert’, sitting there proudly. But what is an introvert? This simply means that we (writers/ poets, etc…) often have a preference for observing behavior rather than participating. We can appear to be quirky, lonesome creatures. However, in reality we love to explore the relationships occurring within the diverse universe; we are comfortable in the background, where whispers can be heard and body language can be observed. It is often believed that poets wish to live in complete solace in some far out land beneath emerald skies. This is true for many poets; we would give up everything for such solitude. But like all artists, our souls yearn to be among our own. We feed from humanity and re-energize in the spaces between their words.

Poet and writer Teddy, was recently asked what is required of a writer, Teddy’s response was, “It’s nothing beyond that bare skin but everything within.” That’s the truth of our story. The truth that, when you go on a journey in our world, we make sure you leave your world behind. In every book you read; not a stone is unturned or untouched where we make you see it and feel it. We allow you to experience every aspect of the page; from the scent of jasmine on the breeze, to the stale cigarette smoke lingering in the morning dew. It’s the vibe of the experience that goes beyond the realm of reality and science–we make it happen inside of you. Best part! You entrust your imagination with a total stranger who encapsulates you with nothing more than vision infused in words.

Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Aug. 19th, 2016
Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Aug. 19th, 2016

How, then, do we socialize? What corner of the world belongs to us? Poetry communities such as those found on G+, Facebook, WordPress, etc… are growing at a tremendous rate. These communities allow poets to share and showcase their work within environments that encourages growth, interaction and positive feedback. Social status, nationality, and gender are left far behind, and writers are judged only on the magical words we place upon the page. Interaction among the members is actively encouraged, and this is where the magic lays. Poetic friendships are being forged within these communities as previously lone poets are discovering a shared love. The experienced teaches the newbie, as renegade poets are teaching the old schools.  Suddenly, the communities of poets and writers from across the world are uniting, scribbling, typing and ultimately making the world ride the waves to peace and prosperity.

In the silent ink of our pens, we create a spectacular display; the essence of metamorphosis. From the shadows of solitude, we can whisper upon the page that the ancient voice of nature that vibrates at a frequency so few can hear.  Yet, every writer understands it, and in the twilight hours, whilst the world slumbers, we place more onto the page, for you, the reader. We share with the world the scent of rain, the taste of love, the beauty of untrodden paths, and we do this from the silence of our solitude; between cold cups of tea, half eaten sandwiches and tears of despair.


Creating Characters: Character Interview

Amaya Sullivan

As a writer or author, you’ve had this great idea for a project with the perfect protagonist, the evil antagonist, the snarky sidekick, and gorgeous love interest. Yet, all of a sudden, the story falls short.

Your protagonist becomes cliché. Your antagonist is way to nice to do harm to your beloved main character. The love interest becomes whiny and annoying leaving your sidekick more sassy than snarky.

Artist Unk. 10 Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Characters. Aug. 26th, 2016
Artist Unk. 10 Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Characters. Aug. 26th, 2016

How can you make your characters believable enough that they actually exist? Easy. Hang out with them and talk. It’s rather simple. Date them, hangout with them as if they are actual people.

You created them. There are different ways to go about this. You can try the 20 questions method or “gloves off” method. Even though you created them, spend time with them. Put them in awkward, silly, frightening, and unpleasant situations.

pexels-photo-large.jpgAsk yourself, “How would my protagonists feel, act, or respond, if this happened to them?” or “What would happen if I put these two people on a trip in a car for 72 hours?”  You are now developing a great character, and a better story even.

This can be a bit challenging, so set the mood. Go on a date with your love interest in the story, or put the antagonist with that sassy sidekick. The idea is to get you thinking about their personalities. It’s best putting two characters who hardly speak with one another.

Interview them as the author. Ask them questions; would they get sassy with you? Defensive? Or would they play along. It’s a great idea to do this especially when you hit a writer’s block. Create an interview project and writing. It doesn’t have to be like a Terry Gross, just ask a question.

Go as far as creating the entire scene of you and your character. Your character lounging on a chaise, with the coffee table and a box of tissues separating you both. You have your legs crossed, pen in hand, and flipping through a yellow steno pad as your character leans back, stretches out, and begin revealing their deepest, darkest secrets.

You get the picture. It’s a great exercise to do when you can’t write anymore or your writing is just flat. Good luck!



Aldous Huxley; Lessons Anew, Philosophy Gained

by K.G. Bethlehem

Photo by Google

“It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than try to be a little kinder.”
– Aldous Huxley


He gave way to the essence of one’s self in relationship to society to which society was growing way too fast; devolving into an insensitive authority. He look at the way of how so many things are very antisocial. You are just a number in a machine. The working environment of a collective state called society.

Aldous Huxley, as I can gather, warned against us as a whole, giving up control of our lives to the governing power with no need of an aggression as a mandate. The mandate is what we see in the form of entertainment and self-gratification.

We want news fast, so cable news outlets broadcast 5 minute segments of financial reporting followed by 15 minutes of editorial that may or may not be bias feeds our need for information.

We craved sports; football, basketball, baseball but more importantly than the sports themselves, the art of competition is second to the side-show theater. The personal lives of a star athlete that has nothing to do with the sport itself. Reality television out of control.

Reality television is taking place of informative shows on television that would actually attempt to teach one of various subjects from a liberal arts standpoint. Now we get to see who can get by or the creation of a false hood drama for our entertainment. Disagree? Just watch The History Channel for half a day to validate my claim. Reality television does not stop there with the numerous shows of people hunting for love, sex, food/tattoo contest, etc.. I will not explore too much into this subject matter but made up drama with no “real” conclusion of merit to what we are actually viewing is merely junk food for the brain. Where is the value in that?

I appreciate Aldous Huxley version of the future; from a “Brave New World” (and BNW revisited) to “Perennial Philosophy” (even though this book tackles religion, and philosophy) looks into the dogma teachings of old society as it rebirths, re-teaches to the next generation but introduces critical thought into East & West Mysticism with honest interpretation. Now I am not an authority on Mr. Huxley but what I believe, my opinion is that the combination of rational thought for the improvement of a society is of value as long as it respects the individual utopia of the citizen.

It’s time to step out of a dream, and dismiss the fruitless technologies (iPads, PS4s,Xboxes, new music videos, even though in balance they are fine but unbalanced they are not), that deters our thinking way too much from knowledge gathering. Corporate News, which the entire major media markets are own by a few (4 or 5 companies I believe?) that is expanding this Media Industrial Complex?

Take a look at the video above, in which Aldous Huxley was interviewed by Mike Wallace on May 18th 1958. Very insightful into an insightful mind.