POETRY: Sometime Love is Blind

Shonda Tennelle


Photo by Amazon


Sometime love is blind

Or do we just avoid its truth

Not wanting to be alone

Has more to do with me than you

Sometimes love is blind

Or is it our perception that is untrue

Because some use love as a ruse

Sometimes love is blind

Or was it lust and you got confused

Both can look quite the same but you must determine between the two

Sometime love is blind

Or do you need to know how to

Determine one’s intentions when it comes to loving you

Sometime love is blind

Actually that statement is not true

Love is the greatest feeling

But love must first come from within you


POETRY: Heart vs Mind

Shonda Pulliam

Artist Unk. Title Unk. http://www.google.com. May 17th, 2017

My heart always leads me one way

My mind is usually on the other side

My heart is on fire

My mind is more mild

At times I can’t get them on the same page

Neither one want to take a bow

My heart dives in full circle

My mind wants to take caution to the wind

My heart gets down deep and full of emotion

My mind wants to think through the ration of a thing

My heart will always drive a hard bargain

My mind just wants to smile

The only thing they do together

Is make up the best parts of me

POETRY: Beauty Is In Freedom

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

Photographer: Unk. Title: Freedom is beautiful. Website: thepreachersword.com. Dated: 20 April 2017

Life is hard. We all are tied to responsibilities we can’t ignore. Reaching the pinnacle of success is what we all yearn for. But in this process we fail to realize what is beautiful. Beauty, as  now in the society, is synonymous to being attractive and popular. And all these beauty hardly reflects the spirit of a human being. The liberation of a human heart from all sins and prejudice is the truest definition of beauty.


Water flow in reminisce sorrow,
Spool ticks in waves of noises,
the beauty folds in the sleeping sight
Tonight the sun rose again,
devoid by the winter winds,
when the stars found their light
in thee eyes.

Embers of paradise found thee,
where the sun rose in farthest dreams
No life born without love of thee
for what brings hope, hope to fly,
Blooms in eye of thy octave,
Serene hues brought us to unite
And ignite flames of our soul.

The bellow jasmine streams
a love in tune with the wings,
a feel of miles tide
screams fall down below,
tied to the stars in sight
yes beauty is in freedom!