INTERVIEW: Rosie Rogers ~ CEO of Two5M Productions


by K.G. Bethlehem

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Photo Courtesy of Rosie Rogers

Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC has been much busier than you probably realize; we have an amazing cache of back-logged articles we’ve started releasing; including this wonderful interview! Enjoy!

Greetings everyone!  Here’s an interview with the CEO of Two5m Productions, Rosie Rogers.   Mrs. Rogers took time from her busy schedule to sit down and conduct a thought-provoking interview with myself; K.G. Bethlehem.

KG/S.U.M: How was this week a testament to your faith in moving forward and completing tasks?

Rosie: This week was filled with a great high and extreme low in my personal life. I questioned God. Cried out to Him and it seemed I couldn’t find Him amidst my hurt and disappointment. I had to make a HARD choice…keep the faith….or walk away. Walking away was not the answer and would only make matters worse. So my faith prevailed. I found myself reaching out to others in need even when I didn’t want to. I had to disciple myself to focus on even the smallest tasks through feelings of anger. All I felt like doing was curling into the fetal position and sleeping. Thankfully, my goals and vision now speak even when logic and emotions don’t. Only by the Grace of God and my unwavering faith was I able to complete tasks this week.

KG/S.U.M: In what ways “gain and loss” influence your decisions as of late, if any?

Rosie: Lately I realized I had been allowing circumstances to become excuses. The big decision I had to make was to stop making excuses or I would continue to suffer loss and no gain. I had to stop waiting on ‘Prince Charming’ and ‘Superman’ to show up and don my own superhero suit. I have adopted my very own philosophy to make decisions based on my Life’s Purpose and not my emotions, circumstances, struggles, opinions and ignorance. God created me with a plan and a purpose and I agree with His plan and purpose for my life, releasing my faith to go after what He has already allowed to be. I can no longer waste time with things, people and matters that don’t align with my Life’s Purpose. This attitude was birth out of many losses.

KG/S.U.M: What goals were set for this month; what are your top two goals that you want to complete before the new year? Why?

Rosie: Our two major goals were 1) The launch of Rosie Rogers Enterprises and 2) Identification of priorities, goals and plans for 2015. We had a staff meeting in early December and completed Goal 2 and I am pleased to announce that we launched Rosie Rogers Enterprises on 12.13.14 as planned!

Rosie Rogers. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017
Rosie Rogers. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017

KG/S.U.M: As you reflect on how you’ve grown as a person throughout the year; how can you measure such growth and what roadblocks have you encounter that tested your faith.

Rosie: Kevin, you ask questions that be digging at the heart of me. Lol! Your Q&A sessions are one of the tasks I struggled with this week. Lol! But don’t stop doing what you do. Keep it coming. It’s when you make me think, reflect and dig deeper that I find personal strength, courage and determination to push forward.

Now to answer your question. . .I have suffered some great losses in the span of two weeks. . .We can talk about that in details at another time because I really want the audience to know what challenges I have had to overcome in order to even continue to live. So that’s a ‘STAY TUNED’ moment. I have also had the opportunity this year to travel nationally and internationally as a Speaker with some amazing, talented, anointed, accomplished women (another STAY TUNED moment for details on that). My growth for the year was born out of the enormous pain of loss and the eye-opening experience of discovering new ventures.  This year I have been overwhelmed with new ventures, new projects, expansion, cutbacks, restructuring and pruning. These are things on which I measure my growth. Although my faith has been tested tremendously, my relationship with God has remained intact and even grown. I understand His love for me as a Father all the more. I may get hurt, not understand His plan and His ways; at times I have even gone to ‘Daddy’ (Who I call God) and expressed my anger towards Him. But I love Him and know that He loves me and that’s how real relationships are. You may be angry, hurt and disappointed but not walk away because of it. I learned to trust Daddy.

I was my biggest roadblock for this year. My excuses as I mentioned before. Sure, money has been an issue this year but it only became a roadblock because I allowed it. In my tiredness and pouting I procrastinated and didn’t want to find creative financing. Again, I waited for someone, anyone, everyone to come and save or rescue me. It feels great to be over that and moving on.

In retrospect, I have grown exponentially this year in realizing just who Rosie Rogers is. I am stronger than I thought. I have more to say than I understood. I am more important than I allowed myself to accept. And I was created to bring change to the world through what I say, write, teach, produce and reveal. I have learned to value myself and accept who Daddy revealed that I am…created in His image, designed with a purpose…destined for greatness.

Two5M Productions. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017
Two5M Productions. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017

KG/S.U.M: If you could start a new year with one major thing that needed to be complete; what is the goal and why?

Rosie: Financial Stability for all the projects, visions and endeavors. It’s a challenge when you have to balance budgets between several great projects and limited funding. Funding would allow us to just relax and focus on delivering quality inspirational entertainment, enlightenment and edification to those awaiting.

KG/S.U.M: What new projects are in the works?

Rosie: I’m finally getting excited about the new projects. Had to get beyond the nerves and the fears first. In the Summer of 2014 I was asked if I was doing everything God told me to do. I was ready to answer the question with the usual smile, nod and confident yes when I realized I would be lying and chose to tell the truth. My honest reply in mid-nod through stammering lips was ‘no’. The questioner replied; “Then we need to fix that.” Handed me his card and demanded I call him. I didn’t call right away but I did initiate steps in the direction I knew God was leading me. It had become easy to hide behind productions and videos, but to step forward as Rosie Rogers “The Motivator”, “The Enterprise” and “The Speaker” wasn’t as easy for me. I hid behind the EXCUSES of, who really wants to hear me talk and with things so challenging in my own personal life, what can I say to others.

I allowed my faith to prevail and I stepped out into my Life’s Purpose of helping others discover and launch their Life’s Purpose. It is so rewarding. So the short answer…lol!…is new projects include the launch of Get A Life University! We will be doing more conferences, seminars, workshops and adventures as well as continuing to do exciting productions with TWO5m.

KG/S.U.M: What current projects are still out and how have they been faring in the public eye?

Rosie: Except for our annual Holla-Ween Comedy Show in October, we took a break on some projects, reorganized others and planned new ones. . .about the groundbreaking year of 2015. . .and it is a GREAT lineup.

In Brief: Gracious Granny is turning 28 and we are celebrating royally; Rosie Rogers Enterprises is unveiling new courses; production on Love Gone Crazy resumes; monthly events on the 3rd Thursday—Coffee Show, 4th Friday Jamz/Parties/Events and 2nd Sunday Productions. That’s all I can say for now. STAY TUNED for exciting happenings!

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New Career Move

Lakesha Mathis

Photorapher Unk. Title Unk. Jan. 8, 2017
Photorapher Unk. Title Unk. Jan. 8, 2017
Two Weeks Notice

Since you have already decided you are leaving here are a few tips for transitioning.

The first thing to do after you have decided you are resigning is to notify your boss and the human resources department. You want to give notice as soon as possible; two weeks is the norm. This will allow the company to create a plan for the interim, the time between your departure and hiring someone else. Leave on a good note with your integrity and continued commitment to the job intact. By giving notice you are showing respect and appreciation to the company while highlighting your excellent interpersonal skills.

Giving notice sets the tone for the end of the business relationship leaving  the door open for reference opportunities in the future. Spend the next two weeks tying up any loose ends. Make sure any work currently assigned to you will be complete or ready to be transitioned before your last day. If you have files that need to be sent to long term storage, do so. Set the stage for the next person’s success. But most importantly don’t leave on a lazy note.

Secondly, after you have given noticed don’t feel obligated to explain why you are leaving. The decision to resign is personal; treat discussion of it like you would discussion of your salary. The only requirement to disclose your reasons for leaving is a non-compete clause therefore, unless you are under contractual obligation not to start a similar profession in direct competition with your employer there is no reason to share your next steps. Some people feel like a resignation is the time to openly criticize the company and/or manager. However, tossing critical comments at your soon to be ex employer does nothing to further your personal cause and likely will not impact the way they do business so it’s best to save those for happy hour.

Finally, create three lists; one of your career accomplishments, references and contacts, one of your reasons for leaving and another for your future plans. Save these documents in on your desktop, you will need them. Career transitions can be life changing, remind yourself often why transitioning at this point in your life was necessary. Review your lists every time you doubt yourself. Remember what you have already accomplished and look forward to what’s to come.

INTERVIEW: Timothy Hardy ~ Business Owner


Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering
Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering


Greeting ladies and gentleman.  I have one question; did anyone bring an appetite?  If not, I strongly believe you will have one after you finish reading this interview.  Oh, looking at the pictures will be your undoing if you’re on a so-called diet (even though our interviewee can prepare healthy dishes on demand).

Today Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC proudly presents Timothy Hardy, owner of Hardy Lovee Catering.  Mr. Hardy has been catering in the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area for numerous years.  His talent for cooking, attention to detail, and pure professionalism, makes him a stand0ut from the rest of the catering businesses in the DMV.

We hope you will enjoy the interview and look for his contact information below.  You won’t be disappointed if you hire him right away!  (You know since we are in the middle of summer which means–COOKOUTS!!)


K.G/S.U.M: How did you get started in the catering business? How long has your company been in existence? What was your motivation in creating this company? What is the make up of your company?

Timothy:  I started catering in the mid 1990’s while attending college at Morgan St. My dorm housing paperwork got lost, so I ended up getting my own apartment. A lot of the friends that I met there were tired of eating cafeteria food and had cravings for a home cooked meal. On Sundays, I would make enough dinner for students so they could take food back to their dorm rooms, and this is how I started getting experience on how to prepare meals for groups of people. The dynamics of my company consist of just myself. At times when I do have large catering jobs, my family helps me out.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..
Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  What made you come up with the name “Hardy Lovee Catering?” What was the inspiration if any with creating such a designation?

Timothy:  My full time job currently is a Culinary Arts teacher and the name of my company was actually inspired by one of my students. Whenever I would prepare meals at my school, a student liked the food so much, he would always tell me, “Hardy you put the love in it”. And Hardy Lovee was created out of that phrase.

K.G/S.U.M:  What is your specialty food items if any? Do you believe in an extensive menu or a limited menu? Also what food dishes do you personally like to cook?

Timothy:  What’s my specialty…  I think that’s a question that a caterer should never answer because it sells yourself short. I always answer that question with: “I can prepare anything you want and you will truly enjoy It”. There’s no dish that I personally like to cook and just enjoy the art of cooking in itself.

K.G/S.U.M:  What areas do you cater to, or is there any limits to the areas you cover?

Timothy:  I have exclusive events that I limit myself too. I’ve done weddings, small parties, cook-outs, banquets and many more different types of events.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..
Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  What favorite dish do you like to cook and what preparations do you make in creating it? What are the dishes that majority of your clients ask for?

Timothy:  I’ve prepared meals from all regions across the globe. From soul food to Latin dishes to Asian delicacies. Seem as though every client desires a different prepared menu.

K.G/S.U.M:  How long has “Hardy Lovee Catering” been in business? What were the main road blocks in sustaining this business? What advice would you give to a person who wanted to create a catering company as well as running a small business?

Timothy:  Starting a catering company is very difficult because most people are very hesitant and skeptical about trying new foods. Word of mouth can hugely make or break your business. This is why consistency is so key. When a client ask for your food they expect for it to taste the same every single time, especially if they truly enjoyed it.

K.G/S.U.M What do you define as a great client and why? Do you believe your perceptions of a workable client is deemed on your own experiences or from others interactions in the business world of catering?

Timothy:  To me, a great client is anyone who is open to experience a new taste and knows exactly what they want and how they want it prepared. That makes the job of a caterer so much easier.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..
Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  When working a catering job do you have particular theme to go along with what you are serving? If so are these requested by the client or are they of your own liking?

Timothy:  The theme is usually dictated by the client. So that usually determines the flow and environment of the event.

K.G/S.U.M:  When advertising what methods work the best for you for people to find out about your business? Do you believe that marketing via social media is just as important as face to face interaction?

Timothy:  I think the best form of advertising is word of mouth. I do, at times use social media items such as Facebook and Instagram, but the best advertisement are people talking about your business in a positive manner.

K.G/S.U.M:  In conclusion what does “Hardy Lovee Caterings” have in store for the reminder of 2016 and 2017? What future plans would you like to inform your current and potential customers for next year?

Timothy:  I believe that being in the culinary industry you must realize that this environment is always evolving. You must stay current with the ways to prepare foods and the trends that come with them.

Some’n Unique Magazine would once again like to thank Mr. Timothy Hardy for taking the time to conduct this interview.  We know he has a busy schedule, catering, teaching, mentoring and all around being a hero to his community. Good luck sir!


Contact information for Hardy Lovee Catering are: ~ 202-617-7709