INTERVIEW: Author William LJ Galaini

Interview By
K.G Bethlehem

Sci-fi and MMO Player GURU!! William LJ Galaini
William LJ Galaini ~ Sci-Fi, Dystopian Author

William Galaini grew up in Pennsylvania and Florida. His mother gave him an early love of reading, especially when it came to the great classics of science fiction. He is also a history buff and fascinated by mythology and folklore. His various vocational pursuits include being a singer in a professional high school choir, manager of the call center at a luxury resort, U.S. Army medic, prison guard, and middle school English teacher. As such, he is perfectly suited to breech a solid metal door, humanely restrain the enemy within, and politely correct their grammar all while humming Handel’s Messiah and drinking a lovely cuppa tea.

He currently hangs his hat, rucksack, and tweed smoking jacket in Northern Virginia.

K.G/S.U.M: What made you become a writer? What were the principles that were important to you to make such a decision?

William: I honestly don’t know how to answer the questions, but not because of a failing in the inquiry, but because of a failing in me: I just do not feel like a writer. Odd as it sounds, I only suffer through the act of writing to get to a story in which I convey ideas. Perhaps there’s a distinction between ‘writer’ and ‘storyteller’ that is worthy of debate, but I’ll leave that to better minds.

In short, the reason why I engage and practice the art of ‘writing’ is because it is the best method to sculpt the stories I wish to tell. If I had tens of millions of dollars and visual acumen, I would use film. If I had acting chops, I’d be a one man show. If I was a mute and illiterate, I’d use interpretive dance. Nothing is stopping these stories from getting out of me.

K.G/S.U.M: What genre(s) do you write and why so? Continuing on this what genre would you like to write about that you have not done so already?

William: Science Fiction and what some call ‘Speculative Fiction’ are where I lean. I have freedom to create specific worlds in which I can spout all kinds of fun narratives and thematic arcs. I grew up reading Asimov and Clark, so my mind still approaches settings that are fantastical but concrete.

As for what genre I’d like to write in, I’ve done several comedy short stories. I’ve got a fantastic idea for a funny novel that takes place during the American Civil War about two families feuding over a T-Rex skeleton. So historical comedy? Is that a thing? It will be!

By William Galaini
By William Galaini
K.G./S.U.M: Which writing project was the most difficult to compete or at least the most challenging to write? What techniques have you used if any to help you accomplish your goal?
William: Oh man. I’ve yet to hit a wall regarding a specific work, but there are always frustrations. I suspect my second novel, “Withered Zion,” provided the most serious challenge for me. One of my main characters is subject to a brutal gang rape in prison. The event was the inevitable destination of the novel’s thematic arc, and I loved this character so when I wrote him experiencing this nightmare, I found myself challenged. I wanted to be accurate in the horror of it while being respectful to not only the character,  but the audience as well in regards to potential triggering. Rape is real and evil. I had to be sensitive without compromising. I feel I found the balance, but I assure I was wringing my hands over that scene endlessly.
As for what techniques I employed, I used two.  The first was focusing on what matter.  The scene was not to be long, so I decided what details mattered and what details didn’t. Pain and motion where the primary elements and my narrative language focused on such, never leaving the perspective of my victimized character.  The second technique was sympathy. I care about my character, and I wanted to express his trial earnestly and respectfully. His rape was not to be a gimmick or a grab for the audience’s attention.
K.G/S.U.M: Sometimes writers will use elements of their real life situations and/or people into stories they created so with that in mind have you done so? If you did, what determine you to use a part of your life into a story?
William: Army. The army and my time in it is a BIG influence. Another major influence is my sense of failure. I have failed spectacularly as a human being in many respects, and I explore those failures in each of my characters. What better place to start a character than failure?
K.G/S.U.M: Who are your favorite authors and why? Did they or he/she influence your writing style, topics, and overall development as a writer?
William: I tend to be a fan of books and not really authors, but some writers have astounding craft. When I want to see sentences built in astounding ways, I read Joseph Conrad and Margaret Atwood. If I want to see brilliant ideas extending toward the horizon of their potential, I read Charles Stross. If I want astounding character perspective, I read Tayari Jones. If I want charm, I read M. M Kaye. If I want sweeping historical epics, I read either James Clavell or Ken Follett. I could do this all day.
As for writing style, I tend to focus on poets and nonfiction. Non fiction provides astounding clarity and poetry employees creative word economy. I find something to learn from nearly all nonfiction, but I will say in regards to poetry, I lean towards Atwood, Milton, and Poe.
by William Galaini
by William Galaini

K.G/S.U.M: What are your favorite books and why?

William: Holy crap. Okay. Many of the previously mentioned authors provided my favorites; Shogun, Glasshouse, Leaving Atlanta, The Far Pavilions, The Pillars of the Earth, Lord Jim, Handmaid’s Tale, etc etc… but as cheesy as this sounds, my favorite books are mine. I love them. I love my books. I’ve never written a novel I didn’t love (I’m working on number four) but I suspect if I did write a novel I didn’t love, I’d never bother publishing it out of embarrassment.

K.G/S.U.M: If you were a character in any story, no matter if it was written by you or another writer who would it be and why so?

William: I’d be a Marvel superhero. Even if I died, I’d come back. And there might be a movie of me.

K.G/S.U.M: If your book, lets say, “The Line,” was made into a movie who would do it’s musical score or what existing album/soundtrack would be feature with it? Let’s also say if “The Line” could have one song listed as it overall theme of the book which song would it be and why?

William: Oh man. I wrote that book while listening to a plethora of different tunes, but ‘Wheel of Fortune’ by Kay Starr was the main them in some ways. I kept going back tot that song. The novel was about time traveling historians turning on each other when they figure out one of their future selves was altering history. There was a lot of violent moments in the novel such as the Tulsa Race Riots and Leo Frank’s Lynching and for some reason that particular song stuck in my head.

As for a composer, James Newton Howard would be my first choice. Have you heard his soundtrack to Signs? CHILLS. The Village is marvelous, as well.

K.G/S.U.M: What current projects are you working on? That includes, but isn’t limited to writing?

William: Oh, nice question.  A lot of authors have projects and workshops. First off, I’m working on novel number four and it’s a sequel to “Trampling in the Land of Woe.”  The series is basically a Steampunk Dante’s Inferno, and this novel is about Boudica facing off against a Roman Legion led by Maximinum Thrax, while he sieges the City of New Dis in the afterlife. Euclid, Jules Verne, and a few other historical figures are sprinkled throughout but the focus is Boudica facing her failures on Earth as the queen of the Iceni. It’s about redemption and (shocker!) confronting failure.

The project I’m involved in is called The Cerulean Project. It’s a writer’s thinktank led by Ally Bishop and it includes several independent and traditionally published authors. We meet online via Blab weekly to discuss craft, publishing, and methodology. Catch us on Blab!

By William Galaini
By William Galaini

K.G/S.U.M: If you could go back in time and become a historical figure for one month, who would it be and why?

William: Pope Innocent III. I’d do my best to redeem his evil while I possessed him. As best I could, I’d undo the Inquisition and I’d secure an ethical and capable predecessor (Popes did that back then, trust me). Right before the month was up, I’d arrange my death so it wouldn’t appear as a suicide.

K.G/S.U.M: Final questions… What moves you to write and why? What are the roadblocks to becoming a successful writer and what is your definition of success.  What advice would you give new and up and coming writers?

William: Yikes. Alright, I am move to write because I want my stories being permanent. Be it in print or digitally, I want my stories to be preserved shared well beyond my scope of existence. As for roadblocks, just being read. As an author, you are demanding 8-11 hours of the reader’s focused life, and that is a TALL order that you expect them to PAY for. So the biggest roadblock is not only obtaining that level of quality and worth, but THEN you have to convince the readership that your work is valuable enough for them to forsake the work of others.

And for new writers? Here’s my advice: Just write. Just practice and challenge yourself and listen to criticism. Read like a FIEND and get something from every single page you read. Explore the depths of your story. Stop writing what others write. Don’t join a writing group, but find writing buddies who have excellent craft.

And don’t expect to make any money. Ever. Remove that pressure from your mind entirely.

K.G/S.U.M: Once again we at S.U.M would like to thank William Galaini for offering the time to speak with us and enlighten our viewers to his world of brilliance and imagination. An accomplish author and great family please follow these additional links below to explore more of this fantastic writer and his writing projects. His personal blog is William LJ Galaini and two of his current projects are The Line and Withered Zion. 


Spotlight On: Shea “Mrs. A.H.D” Brown

K.G. Bethlehem


Shea Brown the poet herself!
Shea Brown The Poet!

Even the greatest among us will encourage us to speak, then turn around and applaud us for helping them speak…

I have had the honor of knowing Shea Brown as a poet and friend, for over fifteen years and countingShe was showcased on the seventeenth edition of the Friday Night Poetry Corner.  Shea is one of the Midwest’s very own; born in Pine Bluff, AR but raised in St. Louis, MO.   She crafted the art of Spoken Word from the old days of hip hop verses and singing grooves in the old neighborhood  (Pagedale, and every hood between St. Louis’ North County and Northside).  She’s remained the voice for many who have no voice.  Shea Brown has not only inspired creativity among her peers, but she’s also influenced the younger generation. She’s an all around artist.  I would consider her a Jack-of-all-Trades.  She has a plethora of interests and talents ranging from crocheting, natural hair stylist, handy-woman and wood craft.  Yes, I said woodcraft… The sista’ can make chairs and tables y’all!

But let’s get back to poetry. . .

“Her strength in Spoken Word can be compared to the strength of a warrior queen of Nordic Barb”

~ Author; J. Ethan Begley (The Gospel of Lazlo)

Shea is known as a “Strong-minded Poet,” by S.U.M’s founder, F. Kenneth Taylor, the creative author of Aftermath: A Saga Begins“andCorner Pocket“.  Her persona carries great weight and her talent is incomparable. She has a humble, yet fiery spirit that cannot, and I emphasize the word-CANNOT, be denied by onlookers. I can carry on all day but I’d rather for you to look at her video entitled…

Shea Brown Performs at Sistahspeak

Enjoy and allow this greatness to wash over you. Let your mind wonder in words of epic meaning…


Also, feel free to visit her Facebook page, FURIOUS STYLES by SHEA BROWN.    The contact number for booking is 314-649-SHEA(7432)



INTERVIEW: Rosie Rogers ~ CEO of Two5M Productions


by K.G. Bethlehem

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Photo Courtesy of Rosie Rogers

Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC has been much busier than you probably realize; we have an amazing cache of back-logged articles we’ve started releasing; including this wonderful interview! Enjoy!

Greetings everyone!  Here’s an interview with the CEO of Two5m Productions, Rosie Rogers.   Mrs. Rogers took time from her busy schedule to sit down and conduct a thought-provoking interview with myself; K.G. Bethlehem.

KG/S.U.M: How was this week a testament to your faith in moving forward and completing tasks?

Rosie: This week was filled with a great high and extreme low in my personal life. I questioned God. Cried out to Him and it seemed I couldn’t find Him amidst my hurt and disappointment. I had to make a HARD choice…keep the faith….or walk away. Walking away was not the answer and would only make matters worse. So my faith prevailed. I found myself reaching out to others in need even when I didn’t want to. I had to disciple myself to focus on even the smallest tasks through feelings of anger. All I felt like doing was curling into the fetal position and sleeping. Thankfully, my goals and vision now speak even when logic and emotions don’t. Only by the Grace of God and my unwavering faith was I able to complete tasks this week.

KG/S.U.M: In what ways “gain and loss” influence your decisions as of late, if any?

Rosie: Lately I realized I had been allowing circumstances to become excuses. The big decision I had to make was to stop making excuses or I would continue to suffer loss and no gain. I had to stop waiting on ‘Prince Charming’ and ‘Superman’ to show up and don my own superhero suit. I have adopted my very own philosophy to make decisions based on my Life’s Purpose and not my emotions, circumstances, struggles, opinions and ignorance. God created me with a plan and a purpose and I agree with His plan and purpose for my life, releasing my faith to go after what He has already allowed to be. I can no longer waste time with things, people and matters that don’t align with my Life’s Purpose. This attitude was birth out of many losses.

KG/S.U.M: What goals were set for this month; what are your top two goals that you want to complete before the new year? Why?

Rosie: Our two major goals were 1) The launch of Rosie Rogers Enterprises and 2) Identification of priorities, goals and plans for 2015. We had a staff meeting in early December and completed Goal 2 and I am pleased to announce that we launched Rosie Rogers Enterprises on 12.13.14 as planned!

Rosie Rogers. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017
Rosie Rogers. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017

KG/S.U.M: As you reflect on how you’ve grown as a person throughout the year; how can you measure such growth and what roadblocks have you encounter that tested your faith.

Rosie: Kevin, you ask questions that be digging at the heart of me. Lol! Your Q&A sessions are one of the tasks I struggled with this week. Lol! But don’t stop doing what you do. Keep it coming. It’s when you make me think, reflect and dig deeper that I find personal strength, courage and determination to push forward.

Now to answer your question. . .I have suffered some great losses in the span of two weeks. . .We can talk about that in details at another time because I really want the audience to know what challenges I have had to overcome in order to even continue to live. So that’s a ‘STAY TUNED’ moment. I have also had the opportunity this year to travel nationally and internationally as a Speaker with some amazing, talented, anointed, accomplished women (another STAY TUNED moment for details on that). My growth for the year was born out of the enormous pain of loss and the eye-opening experience of discovering new ventures.  This year I have been overwhelmed with new ventures, new projects, expansion, cutbacks, restructuring and pruning. These are things on which I measure my growth. Although my faith has been tested tremendously, my relationship with God has remained intact and even grown. I understand His love for me as a Father all the more. I may get hurt, not understand His plan and His ways; at times I have even gone to ‘Daddy’ (Who I call God) and expressed my anger towards Him. But I love Him and know that He loves me and that’s how real relationships are. You may be angry, hurt and disappointed but not walk away because of it. I learned to trust Daddy.

I was my biggest roadblock for this year. My excuses as I mentioned before. Sure, money has been an issue this year but it only became a roadblock because I allowed it. In my tiredness and pouting I procrastinated and didn’t want to find creative financing. Again, I waited for someone, anyone, everyone to come and save or rescue me. It feels great to be over that and moving on.

In retrospect, I have grown exponentially this year in realizing just who Rosie Rogers is. I am stronger than I thought. I have more to say than I understood. I am more important than I allowed myself to accept. And I was created to bring change to the world through what I say, write, teach, produce and reveal. I have learned to value myself and accept who Daddy revealed that I am…created in His image, designed with a purpose…destined for greatness.

Two5M Productions. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017
Two5M Productions. Photo c/o Rosie Rogers. Jan. 8, 2017

KG/S.U.M: If you could start a new year with one major thing that needed to be complete; what is the goal and why?

Rosie: Financial Stability for all the projects, visions and endeavors. It’s a challenge when you have to balance budgets between several great projects and limited funding. Funding would allow us to just relax and focus on delivering quality inspirational entertainment, enlightenment and edification to those awaiting.

KG/S.U.M: What new projects are in the works?

Rosie: I’m finally getting excited about the new projects. Had to get beyond the nerves and the fears first. In the Summer of 2014 I was asked if I was doing everything God told me to do. I was ready to answer the question with the usual smile, nod and confident yes when I realized I would be lying and chose to tell the truth. My honest reply in mid-nod through stammering lips was ‘no’. The questioner replied; “Then we need to fix that.” Handed me his card and demanded I call him. I didn’t call right away but I did initiate steps in the direction I knew God was leading me. It had become easy to hide behind productions and videos, but to step forward as Rosie Rogers “The Motivator”, “The Enterprise” and “The Speaker” wasn’t as easy for me. I hid behind the EXCUSES of, who really wants to hear me talk and with things so challenging in my own personal life, what can I say to others.

I allowed my faith to prevail and I stepped out into my Life’s Purpose of helping others discover and launch their Life’s Purpose. It is so rewarding. So the short answer…lol!…is new projects include the launch of Get A Life University! We will be doing more conferences, seminars, workshops and adventures as well as continuing to do exciting productions with TWO5m.

KG/S.U.M: What current projects are still out and how have they been faring in the public eye?

Rosie: Except for our annual Holla-Ween Comedy Show in October, we took a break on some projects, reorganized others and planned new ones. . .about the groundbreaking year of 2015. . .and it is a GREAT lineup.

In Brief: Gracious Granny is turning 28 and we are celebrating royally; Rosie Rogers Enterprises is unveiling new courses; production on Love Gone Crazy resumes; monthly events on the 3rd Thursday—Coffee Show, 4th Friday Jamz/Parties/Events and 2nd Sunday Productions. That’s all I can say for now. STAY TUNED for exciting happenings!

#LifeOnPurpose #GetALifeUniversity

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