Slavery Without The Whip

Shonda Pulliam


In light of the recent Ben Carson statement about Blacks being Immigrants; perhaps it’ll be best used to teach our children about our history prior to slavery.  Additionally, they could be taught how that same ignorance has transformed from the whip to our conversations, mindsets, and refusal to change the cognitive pattern of learning that we have inherited.

Artist/Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Mar. 27th, 2017

The first example of this would be marriage. The view about the union of marriage is very much still hidden in today’s society. Were jumping brooms all over again.  Our black men are being taken from us by the prison systems and the streets at rapid pace.  Single, Black mothers are left to defend and provide for themselves; just the way slavery wanted.  Blacks have not let go of that mentality, and it shows up in how some  speak about each other, “Men ain’t shit” or “Women are bitches”  We, as Blacks, need to change this if we are to escape the new-age form of slavery. We need to build true families again; the man/husband as the head, the woman/wife as the helper and nurturer, and the offspring/children, as the love the two created.

Secondly, we need to gather our children and teach them their culture prior to slavery. Teach them that fathers do belong in their homes, and mothers are not meant to raise children alone.  Without the head (father) you get “independent” girls who may not learn the value of provision and protection. Our sons get a triple whammy because they don’t learn how to protect, provide, or have discipline; all the things that come from the man… remember; like-father-like-son! So we raise the next generation of potential fathers and mothers; to never learn the value of giving those things to a family and the community around them.  When you can’t work together to raise a family then, you won’t work together to participate in your neighborhood, grow your community, or effectively change in the world.

Artist/Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Mar. 27th, 2017

Finally, the system is not our enemy. We have bought into the system and can’t buy our way out.  Oh wait, yes we can… we just won’t support each other.  We have the ability to grow our own foods, make our own goods and services, build our own communities and live in harmony.  What happened to the corner store?  The neighbor who would watch out for all the neighborhood kids or eating dinner as a family?  In other words, can we work together to create that perfect circle between family, neighborhood, community, and beyond?  Can we change the slave mentality and learn how to just be us? Be free?  Be new? Become more than what our ancestors were whipped and broken to being.

We have to change our mindsets which will in turn change our conversations. Passing down self-worth, possessing the ability to think beyond your current situations, and knowing your ability to create can be just as important as table manners, politeness, and morals. Coming together as a collective community can ensure that we do both.




One response to “Slavery Without The Whip

  1. All white people in the Americas are immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. In fact, everyone in the world is an Immigrant except some sub-Saharan Africans – we’re all descended from people who belonged somewhere else.


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