The World’s Largest Democracy on Trump

Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

It finally happened. Donald John Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States of America. The world erupted in shock to this stunning upset and so did the world’s largest democracy.

The Indian Prime Minister congratulated Donald Trump on his victory with a series of tweets.


Well-known writer, Chetan Bhagat, shared a couple of tweets, too.

Chetan Bhagat chetan_bhagat Twitter.png

Taken from Chetan Bhagat’s profile, Twitter, Web, Nov 11 2016, India

While Twitter is already abuzz with celebrities and other bigwigs sharing their take on the Trump victory, S.U.M has traveled beyond U.S. shores, and brings you a glimpse into India’s reaction.


This Facebook user chose to be short and concise.

Priya Pearl R.I.P. America Heartfelt condolences 🌹.png

No more words were needed. || Status update of Priya Pearl, Facebook, Web, Nov 11 2016, India


A brighter side was observed by another.

Shravani Hatkar Think of it in this way. Trump winning the....png

Looking for the silver lining. || Status update of Shravani Hatkar, Facebook, Web, Nov 11 2016, India


This one seemed inconsolable.


Status update of Anushri Sarda, Facebook, Web, Nov 11 2016, India

Donald Trump’s recent comments about India and its majority population found quite a few takers, too, as is evident from this group’s celebration of his victory.


Hindu Sena celebrating Trump’s win in New Delhi. || Deccan Chronicle, Web, Nov 11 2016, AFP, <;

Facebook also has a page dedicated entirely to the handful of Hindu population which supports him, appropriately titled ‘Hindus for Trump’.

-1 Hindus For Trump.png

Quite vocal in their support. || Taken from the Facebook page of ‘Hindus for Trump’, Facebook, Web, Nov 11 2016, India

A post from Hindus For Trump’s Facebook wall keeps it real simple.

-1 Hindus For Trump.png

Taken from the ‘Hindus for Trump’ page on Facebook, Facebook, Web, Nov 11 2016, India

Indians scattered across the globe have shared their feelings regarding the astonishing result of the election. Given the cordial relationship that has been maintained between the USA and India, it would be an interesting step forward with this change in leadership.

In the end, S.U.M leaves you with this euphoric video of Indians celebrating the new POTUS in great gusto.


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