POETRY: Standing On The Other Side

Shonda Pulliam


Photographer Unk. Title Unk. http://www.twoofus.org. Mar. 11, 2017.

When you’re standing on the other side of a love you helped build,

It’s ok to give yourself permission for the time it takes to heal,

When I was standing on the other side, love used to cover the miscellaneous pain,

Now with you gone the pain seems to fall like rain,

So now I am on the outside the outside looking in,

At an empty space, that now occupies the love we were in,

We are standing on the other side and it looks so very plain,

From what was a vibrant love now in a broken frame,

When you were standing with my back to it, it didn’t seem to matter,

Now that I’m facing no one let’s get to the heart of the matter,

So apologize for your part in it; my part wasn’t all that matters,


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