EDITORIAL: Dinner With Prevaricators, In Nice Clothing

Editorial By
K.G Bethlehem
Theodoric Meyer | ProPublica | News www.nationofchange.com

Theodoric Meyer | ProPublica | News http://www.nationofchange.com


Politics Offer Strange Dinner Guests:

Were you ever invited to a dinner and you had no idea who was going to show up? Let’s say you were invited by a good friend you haven’t seen in a long time. You get dressed your best clothes and fragrance yourself with the cologne/perfume you save for unique occasions. You know… the expensive one that smells so good, you only use it twice a year—depending on your healthy schedule of fun? Now you’re ready; you set off to meet you friend who you haven’t seen in ages at a nice restaurant. The one you might go to if you wanted to impress a person you’re dating. Yes, that special one.

Finally you arrive, and tip the valet to park your car, who by the way; appears to be struggling with speaking and looking at you eye-to-eye as you walk inside the restaurant. You speak with the head matron who asks, “What is your party’s name good sir?”

You inform him of the name, he guides you to the table.

While walking to your party’s table, you view yourself in an unfamiliar place. You try to picture its location but it is hard for you to make a distinction from your memory.  It’s as if you’ve seen this dinner room in a movie filled of long trench men with burnt out cigars, and women smiling while holding knives behind their backs.

Black and white for those who see no gray:

You continue to search your mind but came up with no answers. The closer you got to your dinner table, the stranger your surroundings became. You felt like you did not belong, like it was a place that did not accept you or anyone who lived near you. Nevertheless, you kept walking, ignoring the feeling of cold stares and mumbling jeers. You could hear them of course, but you’ve trained yourself to ignore such distractions.

People use money to help dismiss such beguilement. Others love the taste of alcohol and drugs—legal or illegal;. Some divulge themselves in activities that normal people would deem loathsome. Or some would allow all of this to take place while omitting the absolute sin of engaging in youthful discussions of untouchables.

Whatever the case is, you kept walking to meet you friend and the other guests you don’t know or couldn’t remember if you’d previously met. As you near the table you hear a cry, “Fukuoka an Waugh.” You found that too foreign to you, so you just ignored it. You heard another phrase sedebat cum interfectores,” which sounded more familiar to your Western educated ears. This in turn, made the room more fulling to you; in essence, it made you more comfortable in meeting such strange people—with the exception of your friend.

Here you go good sir,” the matron voiced, extending his right arm to your table. Your friend, your long time good friend stood up and wrapped his arms around you. He greeted you with such a genuine smile that you forgot the coldness you felt when you first entered the restaurant. He then motions you to the others who sat at the table, they all, three of them, stood up and greeted you. You had no freaking idea who these people were.

Two were middle aged men, somewhat older than you, and the other other was a woman. To be honest, their genders, ages, their damn descriptions doesn’t matter—not as much as their intentions.

You greeted them and sat down. Your friend spoke while the others chimed in. Different voices intertwined in the music filled room. The expensive scent felt cheapened from the discussion at the table. Your friend appeared to be less friendly to what you base your friendship on, but more inclined to solidify foundations with money rewards. The other voices agree. They all agreed.

But you just sat there smiling. Looking around the room and noticing others glaring at you. You felt as if you were at the zoo, a caged animal for amusement. It started to feel a little unsettling, but then you remembered the free meal you’re receiving. You remembered the status incline of the ones you had around you, who mercilessly invited you. You felt the showcase of the wrong green and denied the life you could of had.

Just as Dr. Stein denied herself as a true revolutionary…

I really believed if you claim to be a person from a position of the greater good and an enemy of the absolute evil you must stand alone.  Corruption of world leaders in powers of global enterprises make weird bedfellows with the World Bank. If you can’t see this, I don’t know what to tell you. If you are not for the people, then who do you stand for? If you want the support of the diverse masses, one should eat bread with a leader of imperialistic power of one dominated culture that, by the surface is anti-color. Then, with more shame, you sit with a general of the greatest illusion power of exceptionalism and just smile.

Why would you smile so much??

I ask everyone who wants change to know begat themselves in front of such leaders. Such thoughts of submission without careful scrutiny will lead to a downfall.

Is that you Dr. Stein?

Or do you just want to rally against the use of vaccine machines in poor neighborhoods?


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