Crucial Decisions

Jason Nugent

Leadership is earned. It’s an admirable and honored quality. Leaders need to represent their followers in the best possible way. Sometimes their ideas find favor with those they represent, other times they are out of touch with their beliefs. As 2016 moves forward, this question is confronted head on.

The people of the United States are faced with an enormous decision this year. The direction of the nation and by extension, the world, is in the hands of the voters. Participation in the process is crucial. It allows the voters an opportunity to voice their concerns through their choice of candidate. The choices so far aren’t overwhelming. Most years they aren’t, but voters have to be involved. The nation was founded on the basic principles of representation. Men and woman have died for that right and their deaths cannot be in vain. Citizens must be part of the process.


American Flag. N.d. Web. 14 Feb. 2016

All too often the candidates hoisted on the electorate by the two major parties seem rather like a choice of the lesser of two evils. A certain degree of perfection is expected from candidates though failures and mistakes happen frequently. No human is perfect. Yet voters demand they stay away from controversy, or share their beliefs (all their beliefs), or act a certain way. If they don’t, they vilify them and refuse to compromise.

Compromise is spoken as though it’s evil. Somewhere along the way, the nation tossed the notion of working together out with the trash. It’s certainly possible for a Democrat and Republican to come together and work through their differences. Each side is capable of giving up some of their desires in order to achieve harmony. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case with the current government.

Republicans speak of Democrats as whiney socialists and Democrats in turn look at Republicans as inflexible and rigid. Though both parties share some of those attributes, it should not be the ultimate divide unable to cross. The nation’s history is filled with leaders from different political and social persuasions working together for the common good. Voters seem to forget that today. They find it convenient to label someone different than them as the “bad guys.” It helps gain attention. It also causes gridlock and an ineffective government.

As the days count down to a cold November, citizens have to participate. It’s easy to move far from the madness, but that accomplishes nothing. Voters have to engage the topics and with each other. The next president elected won’t be perfect. None of them have been. Being part of the conversation and not swayed by loud commercials or slick campaigns insures the wisest course of action. Stay informed and let new leaders earn their right to lead. It’s a crucial time for the nation and voters must be ready to do their part.


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