The Blood of Nigeria

F. Kenneth Taylor

Artist Unk. Title Unk. Sept. 23, 2016

Artist Unk. Title Unk. Sept. 23, 2016

Look, let’s bypass the bullshit rhetoric, and get straight to the point.  It’s a tragedy what happened in Paris, it’s a tragedy what’s happening in the Arab-worlds, however, the Middle East and France aren’t the only nations experiencing murderous catastrophes.  Amazingly, the Western World has nestled itself comfortably under a blanket of France’s flag, and has snuggled in for another good-hearted, support campaign.  Social media’s hotter than “Dante’s Inferno” right now, as millions of profile pictures are canvassed with France’s flag.  Sadly, this is propaganda at its finest.

Photographer Unk. Boko Haram. Sept. 23, 2016

Photographer Unk. Boko Haram. Sept. 23, 2016

Despite the overwhelming publicity each receives; Al-Qaeda and ISIS aren’t the only terrorist factions responsible for bloody massacres—does the name Boko Haram sound familiar?  That’s right, the Islamic militants are responsible for waging a war against Nigerian Christians and the 2014 abduction of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls.  In July 2015, Boko Haram slaughtered 200 people in 48 hours, targeting Ramadan worshippers in Mosques and dragging citizens out of their homes to kill them in the streets.  Boko Haram has also utilized suicide bombings and beheadings to launch merciless attacks on Nigerian citizens, as well as Nigeria’s military forces, making it no surprise this faction has aligned itself with ISIS.

Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Sept. 23, 2016

Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Sept. 23, 2016

In mid-December, 2015, the Islamists used machetes to attack Nigeria’s northeastern villages of, Mangari, Warwara, and Bura-Shika.  The raids left approximately 30 dead, 20 severely injured, and the villages burned to the ground as survivors fled to nearby towns.  Only days before the attack on the villages, Boko Haram raided the village of Kamuya, taking the lives of 14, some of whom were beheaded.  Kamuya is also home of the Chief of Army’s mother.  Boko Haram is responsible for more than 1500 deaths in Nigeria between May 2015 and December 2015—that’s only 7 months!  Boko Haram’s murderous grip on Nigeria intensifies by the day, yet the African providence has seen very little-to-no-support from the other nations of the world.  Paris has one tragedy and the globe gently cradles France like a newborn baby, while France itself, in the midst of their own horrific turmoil, has vowed to aid Nigeria, but no one else?


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