Original Poetry by
Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

POETRY: “Awake”

“The hinges creaked and moved,/ Broken but beckoning me.” || Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh / Some Unique Magazine, LLC Pune, India 12 October 2016


There comes a time in our lives when we find ourselves in a blurred space. Where the lines between reality and dream fade and we are left to wonder about the futility of our struggles. How real is reality? How fantastic our dreams? How frail our ambitions? How vain our efforts? Take a moment to ponder this: What are the things in your life you can really term ‘worth it’? The poem below confronts the hazy perceptions of Man in his quest for salvation and success.



I wandered into a dream,

A dream of broken promises.

Of empty fists and downcast eyes,

Of bleary shadows and mournful trees.


It felt real, tangible.

Like a blanket wrapped around.

Like an old book lying forgotten,

Rough and loosely bound.


I didn’t know what it expected of me,

That dream of broken promises.

It said nothing, it simply stared,

Braced on unused hinges.


I waited for it to pass,

For another to take its place.

Another with brighter colours,

And less of faded greys.


An aeon passed me by,

And bare reality sank in.

Carrying a rust faintly familiar

That molded onto my skin.


It was then that I realised,

I hadn’t wandered into, but from a dream.

Into truth lurking behind closed doors,

Inescapable, present, unseen.


It didn’t take me long to accept it, make peace;

For I never could play pretense.

Reality embraced me in a calm,

And I fell fetal in its trance.


Why bother, why squirm?

Why deny the truth of it all?

Why fret over childish fantasies?

Why despair at the Horsemen’s call?


I sighed and let it go,

It sighed and let me be.

The hinges creaked and moved,

Broken but beckoning me.


Thus it so happened, that I emerged into a reality,

A reality of healing promises.

Of open palms and squinting eyes,

Of merging shadows and swaying trees.


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