Spotlight On: Shea “Mrs. A.H.D” Brown

K.G. Bethlehem


Shea Brown the poet herself!

Shea Brown The Poet!

Even the greatest among us will encourage us to speak, then turn around and applaud us for helping them speak…

I have had the honor of knowing Shea Brown as a poet and friend, for over fifteen years and countingShe was showcased on the seventeenth edition of the Friday Night Poetry Corner.  Shea is one of the Midwest’s very own; born in Pine Bluff, AR but raised in St. Louis, MO.   She crafted the art of Spoken Word from the old days of hip hop verses and singing grooves in the old neighborhood  (Pagedale, and every hood between St. Louis’ North County and Northside).  She’s remained the voice for many who have no voice.  Shea Brown has not only inspired creativity among her peers, but she’s also influenced the younger generation. She’s an all around artist.  I would consider her a Jack-of-all-Trades.  She has a plethora of interests and talents ranging from crocheting, natural hair stylist, handy-woman and wood craft.  Yes, I said woodcraft… The sista’ can make chairs and tables y’all!

But let’s get back to poetry. . .

“Her strength in Spoken Word can be compared to the strength of a warrior queen of Nordic Barb”

~ Author; J. Ethan Begley (The Gospel of Lazlo)

Shea is known as a “Strong-minded Poet,” by S.U.M’s founder, F. Kenneth Taylor, the creative author of Aftermath: A Saga Begins“andCorner Pocket“.  Her persona carries great weight and her talent is incomparable. She has a humble, yet fiery spirit that cannot, and I emphasize the word-CANNOT, be denied by onlookers. I can carry on all day but I’d rather for you to look at her video entitled…

Shea Brown Performs at Sistahspeak

Enjoy and allow this greatness to wash over you. Let your mind wonder in words of epic meaning…


Also, feel free to visit her Facebook page, FURIOUS STYLES by SHEA BROWN.    The contact number for booking is 314-649-SHEA(7432)




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