India and Her Spices

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas


The General Introduction Of Indian Spices. Sources <; Date: 09 Sep 2016.

India, the land of a million Gods, language and culture, cacophony of road traffic and rickshaws, and lastly, inclination to food. The passage of time and effort have resulted in mouth-watering, Indian dishes ranging from the spiciest curry to the sweetest desserts. No person is complete without love and care, and no Indian is complete without affinity to delicious food.

The curiosity about Indian Curry is not something you learn of through a briefing on the dish.  You must have the pleasure of actually tasting the cuisine, and experiencing the sensation of the first bite tickling your taste-buds.  You also must have the first-hand experience of the sudden burst of flavours erupting like a volcano in your mouth. Or how your eyes start tearing; your body starts to sweat, and your tongue is ablaze, but your mind fails to convince you to stop eating, at least not until you’re full. The variation of spices and flavours are diversified throughout India. Every place and city has its own kind of inclination towards a particular taste.


What food do Indian People eat? Credits: Joe Gough / Getty Images. Sources <;. Date: 09 Sep 2016

India is rich with fine dishes; from the famous Rogan Josh of the Kashmir Valleys, to the coconut flavoured cuisine down in Kerala. Even desserts are diversified by shape, size, and taste throughout various regions of India. Interestingly, India has a weird fascination of spices and chillies, which is indigenous to Indian subcontinent. It would be misleading to say other parts of the world does not enjoy spices as Indians do, but there lies a subtle difference in the liking. The spices used in Indian dishes comes from freshly grown plants and trees in the country’s homeland, thus adding minute taste variations from those spices used in USA or UK.


Poor people eating free food called Langar in Amritsar, India. Sources <;. Date: 29 Sep 2014

From every Indian wedding, to family gatherings; dishes are prepared directly by the hands of every Indian household’s expert chefs–the moms and grandmothers. Unless they’re enjoying a pizza or some cold pop; every eatery is made in the kitchen and served with the utmost love and affection. Guests invited to any home are not allowed to go back without enjoying a meal with the host family. Then there are festivals in various parts of the country throughout the seasons. Cooks making dishes in these festivals tend to add some magical Indian flavours, which gets evident in the rate these get devoured by the mass.


An Indian wedding with people enjoying the food. Sources <>

If anything unites the people of India more than the sport of Cricket, it would be the love of food. From every state to every city in India; there’s always some special aroma stemming from delicious meals being offered. When travelers from another country visits India; the trip isn’t complete without tasting the variety of spices and Curry of the country. That’s how India and her spices has gripped the taste-buds of not only the natives but also foreigners.



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  1. Those are not necessarily poor people! The Langar represents a Sikh tradition of giving free food to visitors to the Gurdwara or temple, whether they’re Sikhs or not.


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