The Story of a Solo Traveller

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas


Credits: Sourav”Teddy”Biswas. Date: 13 June 2015

Our world is full of wonders and most of us wish to explore them during our lifetime. We all desire to take a few days off, pack our bags, and travel across the globe to places we’ve only seen in photographs and magazines. Well setting sail to places of our dreams is not as easy as it sounds, for we are bound by many constraints. Traveling alone to these dream places has its own set of merits and demerits.


  • Discover The Better Self: Visiting new places alone makes you discover the introvert and meek region of your inner soul. It forces you to make decisions, act swiftly and rapidly to a changing situation and ultimately come out of the comfort zone.
  • Confidence In Greeting Strangers: The best and perhaps the most important pros is meeting and greeting new people on the road. It helps you dissipate your shyness and build up a personality to make new friends.

Girl watching the Sunset. Sources <;

  • No One Else To Care For: Solo travels gives you the freedom to enjoy a carefree trip without nobody else to worry for except you. So perhaps you can enjoy that sea side sunset even beyond the night falls because nobody else is there to remind you off your pre-planned schedule.

A Signpost with names of various Countries. Sources: <;

  • Ocean Full Of Time To Introspect: Being solitude and alone at times can make you realize the flow of your life and necessary changes you need to make if its required. It helps to contain you emotions and who knows you might end up discovering the inner peace you had always longed for.

Solo Travel: Refreshing and Restorative. Sources: <;   Date: 10 May 2015

  • Merit Becomes Demerit: When travelling alone give you abundant time to discover yourself and enjoy the moment as you want, it can also lead to a lonesome journey. There is no other mouth to speak to about your trip and share your emotions with them.
  • Money Flows FasterTraveling alone eliminates all possibility of sharing a meal, a room or a cab ride. Surplus can end up as waste and you might end up paying more to cover the same distance than being with somebody else. Ultimately budget from other part of your trip gets curtailed.
  • 29cityroom-taxi-superjumbo

    A man paying money to a cab.  Sources <; Date: 12 June 2015


  • Issue Of Safety: Danger can come in any shape and size and when you are alone, it can get severely harsh for you to cope up. Being in a group, you are less likely to fall in a scam or get lost in the way.

Whether be it a trip for few days or few weeks, traveling and visiting new places with your own self is definitely a life changing experience for you. Yes there are some demerits and yes it concerns your safety to some extend but what is worth taking the risk is the result obtained by traveling alone. And this feeling of rediscovering yourself on a whole new level will make you a better person than what you were.


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