Frowns and Smiles

Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

Depression, in Psychology, is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life. For most of the citizens around the world, it’s just a passing blue mood of dissatisfaction. Depression, though, is far worse and doesn’t merely encompass a downcast outlook. Sadly, the internet has glorified this monstrous condition and morphed it into a desirable trait.


An abstract rendition of the broken man. || Gary Waters/ Getty Images Web 12 Oct 2016 <>

This article is not about depression.  It is about that shallow, oppressive feeling in your stomach which weighs you down but cannot be properly identified. There is absolutely no reason why suddenly everything around you has taken on a dull garb. Everyone tries to help you with practically useless advice; the self-help and motivational books are full of platitudes which do you no avail.

It is time for a new approach.

Most of the time one stumbles around hoping to get better simply by way of chance. The first step in such circumstances is to acknowledge the problem.  Simple breathing techniques such as The ‘4-7-8 Technique’, come quite handy in such situations. Take a deep breath and admit that something is wrong. Unfortunately, once they’ve passed this stage, most people resort to moping. This will not help you in the least. Never fall for that. Move on to the next part which is to pinpoint exactly where that lowly feeling is coming from. Figure out the root cause of your gloom. This identification is half the issue solved.


So said the President. || Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh / Some Unique Magazine. Web 12 October 2016. Made via PicMonkey.

The next step is to write your problems down. It may seem like too much work, but it will help you come to terms with things. It is a human tendency to exaggerate things in the head and blow them out of proportion. However, once it’s down on paper, things readily fall into perspective.

The final step is to look for solutions. There’s no pre-determined path on how to achieve this. Even so, most people seem to prefer a two-fold procedure. First, look at the matter at hand objectively. Find the solution by thinking critically without any personal bias; as if you were a third person coming across the obstacle for the first time.  This is difficult, but certainly not impossible. The second part is relatively easy. It involves the exact same analysis but with prejudice. This second set of solutions has to be personal, pertaining to your character and your state of mind. Gather the points from your own subjective analysis of the situation. And thus you have furnished yourself with two written sets of answers to your dilemma. The only thing left now is to act on your own rapport and emerge from the dark.

“And when the sun shines, it will shine out the clearer.”

~ Tolkien

The above course of action doesn’t guarantee a complete resolution, of course. Only you have the power to see it through to the end. Nevertheless, it will certainly help you in facing your woes, etc… head-on rather than pursuing aimless wandering.


 Welcome the sun. || Steve/ I HD IMAGES Web 12 October 2016<;

How did you get through your dark phase? Leave a comment!


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