New Career Move

Lakesha Mathis

Photorapher Unk. Title Unk. Jan. 8, 2017

Photorapher Unk. Title Unk. Jan. 8, 2017

Two Weeks Notice

Since you have already decided you are leaving here are a few tips for transitioning.

The first thing to do after you have decided you are resigning is to notify your boss and the human resources department. You want to give notice as soon as possible; two weeks is the norm. This will allow the company to create a plan for the interim, the time between your departure and hiring someone else. Leave on a good note with your integrity and continued commitment to the job intact. By giving notice you are showing respect and appreciation to the company while highlighting your excellent interpersonal skills.

Giving notice sets the tone for the end of the business relationship leaving  the door open for reference opportunities in the future. Spend the next two weeks tying up any loose ends. Make sure any work currently assigned to you will be complete or ready to be transitioned before your last day. If you have files that need to be sent to long term storage, do so. Set the stage for the next person’s success. But most importantly don’t leave on a lazy note.

Secondly, after you have given noticed don’t feel obligated to explain why you are leaving. The decision to resign is personal; treat discussion of it like you would discussion of your salary. The only requirement to disclose your reasons for leaving is a non-compete clause therefore, unless you are under contractual obligation not to start a similar profession in direct competition with your employer there is no reason to share your next steps. Some people feel like a resignation is the time to openly criticize the company and/or manager. However, tossing critical comments at your soon to be ex employer does nothing to further your personal cause and likely will not impact the way they do business so it’s best to save those for happy hour.

Finally, create three lists; one of your career accomplishments, references and contacts, one of your reasons for leaving and another for your future plans. Save these documents in on your desktop, you will need them. Career transitions can be life changing, remind yourself often why transitioning at this point in your life was necessary. Review your lists every time you doubt yourself. Remember what you have already accomplished and look forward to what’s to come.


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