New Trends In Love: Pt. II

Hope Elle

Welcome to the second installment of the “New Trends In Love,” series,” which essentially discusses the ever-evolving face of dating in the 21st century.  In the first installment, New Trends In Love: Pt. I, we focused on how Social Media has impacted and heavily influenced dating in today’s society. In this installment, we’ll take a closer look at how social media, as well as; financial status, politics and romance have become major contributors relationship longevity.


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~ Social Media ~

Although, social media seems to get a bad rap in all areas of communication; perhaps, there are many advantages of utilizing it to find true love and happiness. On second thought, it seems to be the perfect way to end a relationship, without direct emotional involvement. Think about it… what better way to text the one you love, that you ‘need space and time’ to think?

Cellphone Romance

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There’s no face-to-face conversation, where emotions can’t erupt to make a bad situation worse.  Or maybe you’ve witnessed your significant other literally having a ‘devil may care’ attitude; displaying the ‘middle-fingers-up’ or the ‘deuces’ peace sign. Yet, breaking up through Facebook is considered quite trendy and highly effective. Facebook has made it easier to block, hide, unfriend or untag yourself or former love off of your page and out your life. The break up tool Facebook rolled out last year, allows you to update your status privately, without prying eyes and ears to relay information back to your now ex. Nonetheless, most daters tend to prefer for their significant other to communicate their thoughts and concerns directly if they’re unhappy with a relationship or their love life. At the end of the day, both parties are 100% responsible for 50% of the relationship.

~ Financial status ~
Photographer Unk Title Unk August 27, 2016

Photographer Unk Title Unk August 27, 2016

Financial stability of a love interest has been known to play a certain role in deepening the attraction for the other person. This is often judged on surface appearance and demeanor. But looks can be deceiving and inaccurate… just because they have a new luxury car, doesn’t mean they have stellar credit. There are fresh start programs out there designed to assist individuals to buy their dream vehicle on a budget, while re-establishing their credit. Just like there are credit cards offering the same program, or furniture rental companies that do the exact same thing. So, going into a relationship totally blind is not recommended, and some people believe it’s best to be honest about your financial situation upfront, as well as your plans to build financial stability.

~ Politics & Religion ~ 

Finally, you’re on a dream date and everything is going better than planned; until your date brings up the topic of politics and religion. Slowly but surely, the evening starts to crumple when you realize, you’re on two different wavelengths and it’s only getting worse. Granted, discussing important social issues are ideal, and can spark a deeper understanding and compassion for the other’s personal experience. However, it should be handled with care and caution, as to not offend your love interest. On the other hand, people often find themselves attracted to individuals who are passionate about their beliefs and values, even when it doesn’t mesh harmoniously with theirs. Or they find themselves liking the individual more, because they have something in common and can better relate to each other.

If you have prior knowledge and experience with your love interest, taboo topics of conversation may not pose a threat to developing your relationship. On the flip side, if you’re in the beginning stages of your relationship, tread lightly and pick topics that create a more carefree and positive response. Speaking too heavy about sensitive issues can crash land a beautiful start to a potential love story.


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