POETRY: Thus Spake Death

Original Poetry By
Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

Image courtesy: Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh / Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

POETRY: Thus Spake Death

How arrogant are we? How blind to our own pettiness? Man has only to take a look around himself to realise; all his attempts at controlling things, all his efforts… are futile. Nothing matters. Nothing will. Yet, he hasn’t learned. He simply goes deeper and deeper into the grave he’s digging for himself.

With all the chaos we’ve created around us, what about the one everybody fears? What are his thoughts? How does he view us? What opinion does he nurture? The following poem is a take assumed from the point of view of Death itself.


Thus Spake Death

Well, hello! who walks there?
Who saunters with such arrogance?
Oh, my, my! it’s you, of course.
Who else, but you proud little humans?

I should’ve known it to be you
When I heard your feet pounding the earth.
Intoxicated with the idea of yourself,
Smirking away in audacious mirth.

You wander around so sure of yourself,
Wallowing in the muck of your ego.
Breeding an attitude to sour the freshest milk,
With a heart darker than the vilest crow.

You bargain over the cheapest indecencies,
And squabble for some petty distraction.
Quarrel over trifles unnecessary,
Unaware of losing both reason and passion.

Indeed, I have nothing but contempt for you,
You cultivate idiocy in such abundance.
You strut around blindfolded with mirages,
And disgust me with your delusions.

Have you any idea how shrivelled you are?
How absolute my hold on you?
How powerless you are against me,
How helpless, how subdued?

I can trample to dust your desires,
Smother your ambitions of glory.
Raze your legacies and your monuments,
Leave you howling in misery.

I can erase you into obscurity,
Blossom your fancies into ruins.
Unshackle your fears and lend them wings,
Blanket your fantasies with screams.

I’d love to indulge myself so,
And have your hopes into the shadows chased.
Purge the air of your lustful sighs,
Cleanse this land of your stains.

But laying waste to each other so admirably,
You seem to do quite well on your own.
Crushing any who cross your path
As you scramble for the flimsy throne.

Yes, I’d rather stand by and let you do the honours,
Simply help keep the horrors fed.
For don’t you agree it’s a better spectacle
To watch you slowly wither away instead?


A small video to put things in perspective.


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  1. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:

    Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Night Poetry Corner #117. This week I am featuring a great, creative poet, Sa’ad Ahmed Shaikh called “Thus Spake Death.” This young man is a writer for Some n’ Unique Magazine and is making a name for himself. Visit the site and read more this this gifted writer. This poet has such control over the play of words and mixes the emotions of self and outer reality is borderline brilliance.


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