Find Your Passion

Jason Nugent

Artist Unk. Title Unk. Jun. 11, 2016

Artist Unk. Title Unk. Jun. 11, 2016

Passion is a strong emotion. It’s excellent motivation. Passion for art, sports teams, and nations goes deep within most people. What are you passionate about? What gets you up and going everyday?

Discovering your passion can be difficult but doing so creates a fulfilling life. Some of us are content to go through life without feeling strongly towards anything. Apathy overcomes action and we don’t go for the thing that stokes our fires. It’s like we are paralyzed with the ability to act. That leads to withering desires and soon we stop trying for what moves us.

Sometimes too many opportunities exist to choose one thing. Embrace them all! Sooner or later you’ll find that one thing, that one part of you that grows excited when you think about it. When you do, you might create something new or discover something about yourself you never knew.

Our time is short. Spending it pursuing objects or actions that don’t excite us seems dull. Does writing get you going? How about creating art? Maybe working with under-privileged populations gives you meaning. It doesn’t matter what drives your passion as long as you find it and feed it.

Stoke those passionate flames. Seek opportunities to embrace what you enjoy. You may want to collect dolls or baseball cards or rare toys. Go for it! Let that passion move you. And when you do, you’ll see a difference. You’ll find a purpose.

There are numerous ways to express and find your passion. Exploring what excites you can be an exhilarating feeling. Opening up and embracing that passion can offer new doors of opportunity. But only if you try. Giving up before finding your passion is soul crushing. Let yourself enjoy what motivates you. We all need a reason to wake up in the morning.


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