Dark Side Of Emotions

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

Sometimes, what tends to be a part of greater success, often becomes the reason of a lifetime tragedy. Not many of us face this twist of amalgam. The life that we lead is often a subtle ride of ups and downs, but our emotions definitely ride a higher ground than we seldom do. We get emotional when things don’t add up the way we intend or originally intended them to. The time that passes with every second of the clock doesn’t stop for our thoughts to flow in symphony with it. When the dust settles, and we start to hear ourselves breath, these unsynchronized thoughts can either remain a feeble dislocation of pages in our life, or some eerie flip of a coin which we never want to discuss.


A small candle burns in dark room.A simple projection of a fact with reality. Copyright: Rick Ray. <.http://www.shutterstock.com/&gt;

The internet carries substantial words about how emotional people lead a better life. Yes! That’s true with no sore doubts. But on the ground below, the candle never sees the amber light of the flame itself. Our emotions masks our vision to see the world in a more assertive way when we feed fear to our sentiments. Tragedies like the loss of loved ones, or a rampant enigma in our path of success, can lead us a downtrodden flow of our self conscious and feelings. On the flip side these teach us to be more logical with our decisions, face our fears with a stronger heart, and a chance to review our sins with a firm grip. We’ll run on the same page with these optimistic opuses if, and only if, we choose not to look down to our shattered self and let our mistakes guide us.


Emotional breakdown can often lead us to lonesome journeys. <www.onehdwallpaper.com/>

When our minds and souls choose to walk different paths; we shy away from reality, and tend to experience a series of unfortunate events or situations. The cure to our depression and emotional nemesis of our well being doesn’t easily find a door to come in. Then we are faced with sleepless nights and oscillating thoughts of how to pick ourselves up to move again.

These dark emotions always teach us where we have gone wrong with our decisions and where have we made mistakes in life . The will to reach our destiny should never be squeezed out by our emotional negativity no matter what. Faking a smile when you are wounded is tough, but what can obliterate your sanity, is allowing your dark emotions to wound that smile.

Remember the words of Confucius…

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”


One response to “Dark Side Of Emotions

  1. This assumes your willed destiny is good. Maybe your dark emotions are telling you it isn’t. To be assertive is neither good nor bad in itself. Neither is to self-doubt.

    It’s not possible to pass through the Valley of the Shadow of Death if you see it in bright sunlight.


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