Motto of Your Last Day

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

So you wake up and what you discover while sipping your morning coffee chills your brain to a fanatic stop. That day is your last day and you have barely 24 hours to live. The coffee mug falls from your hand; you can barely hold yourself up and then follows a dramatic set of cries, hugs and last minute goodbyes. Sad and heartbreaking, definitely not something you prepare yourself for; the cynical events of your last day. Or! You can try the following things, have a blast on your last day and when its finally time for others to grieve you; you’re not around to see it.

Start your journey by saying something to someone you never had the courage to. Pick up that phone, call you exes and in a prophetic way, tell them from tomorrow you’ll be keeping an eye on them. Then, text your boys and girls and get ready to throw an awesome surprise party for them.


People Enjoying Party. Credits: Warner Bros. Studio/  <>


Empty your account and smoke out your favorite Don Tomas Cigars you had always wished for. It’s your last day, how is that for an excuse. Share a few bucks with the beggar you pass by, sit with’em and share the most retarded joke you had ever known. They will all laugh and appreciate you because you just made their day.

Woman gives alms at Easter

A young woman gives charity to beggars  near Pokrovsky Cathedral. Copyright:Paul Kulinich. <;

Let your inner-child take over and take the Big Mac eating challenge. Eat, vomit, drink water and repeat till you are smell nothing but your own puke. Then locate any hard working human on the street like a police or a labourer and shake hands with’em. Tell them you are grateful for their service and hug them while they’re still trying to figure out this random act of kindness. But make sure you do not obstruct a lawman with his duties because jail seems a pretty bad place to end your last day.

Let your dog tear your bills and run around the house like it’s his best day. Tell all your secrets to some random strangers and scare-prank your neighbour’s kids. Record a video of you dancing your favourite Matt Steffanina choreography.

Finally, when the night fall, take a look at the sky and decide on which star you are going to make your new home while eating Mac and Cheese and some cold pop. Lastly, gather all your loved ones, your friends and mates in the backyard around a nice fire-pit. You sit with them, gossip and laugh to make your last memories the best one. Finally, when your time comes to leave, you take a smile and kiss from all the people who mattered to you the most. Who knows your last day can be the best day of your life.


Group of mid 20’s people sitting by campfire and having fun. Credits: Gilaxia <;


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