POETRY: I Live In You

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas

Sometimes in life we have to let go of people we love the most and who have mattered to us the most. In this crosswind, it’s their memories that lives and plays within us.  Those memories are how we cherish them and continue to feel their presence among us. Right after the limelight of our daily work, we’ll sit down quietly cursed by society’s stigma and think. . . what makes us live a day repeatedly and what makes us walk out that door everyday?

We all have someone to live for and that’s how the power of will is engraved in us everyday. This is a poem for our beloved ones who now rest among the stars, but lives inside us everyday. Our will to survive is their will to believe in us. We are a parcel to their faith and blessings upon us.  This poem reminds us that we are the lucky ones who can dream in our sleep while they sleep in their dream forever.


“I Live In You”

When my kingdom dies in vague disguise,

When the last bell rings on the attic of my domain,

When it all ends on the barren mountains

The hush whisper that blew among the legends,

Bold and beautiful, majestic and mysterious,

Scatter on your fingertips and you’ll see me die.


Under the twilight that rise from the seventh Heaven,

You’ll see my story fly away with the winter clouds,

The music you danced with me and the song we sang,

Weep on the edge of nights we spent together,

I am now a clamorous beat inside your heart.


You walk, you weep, you winch me with you

From a thousand steps away, you see a thousand dreams,

Dreams where I live, laugh, and play your favourite octave.

And legends scatter on your fingertips, and me on your lips,

You’ve seen me die, and I’ve seen my rebirth with you.


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