Republicans Never Forget: RNC 2016 Disaster

Amaya Sullivan

The first night of Republican National Convention, Melania Trump gave a speech stressing Trump’s love for his country, values, hard work, respect, morals and family. She recognized veterans who have served our country and emphasized that Trump will fight for everyone.

Unfortunately, there is very little doubt that her speech was plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. You be the judge.

Mrs. Trump’s speech could have been spoken from the heart. Using the teleprompter as a guide; it would have sounded much more genuine, and some may even over look the plagiarism issue. She’s obviously a woman with many talents. Learning another language isn’t easy, and learning many is a beautiful talent. Although the speech was prepared, it’d been better, if not best, for her to have said these things with deep compassion and respect.

Trump’s children were up to bat at the podium; first up, Donald Trump Jr. Trump Jr’s speech was again very scripted and did not speak from the heart like his stepmother. Most of his speech dealt with facts. Trump Jr spouted out facts left and right about gun control, schools, jobs, and international relations.

When Eric Trump came up to the podium and started his speech, you cannot help but notice how his mannerisms mimic that of his father. The beginning of his speech, Eric paints his father much more eloquently than Jr. It was much more from the heart, not teleprompter. His evidence he presented gave a humbler image of Trump.

Ivanka does a phenomenal job hitting a home run by the issues of wage inequality and child care. Another most interesting statement in Ivanka Trump’s speech, “I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat more than party affiliation I vote on what I believe is right for my family and my country.” This statement alone is how most millennials feel about this entire election process.

While a Time survey reported millennials feelings about, “both presidential nominees are viewed negatively by the youngest generation of voters.” The article points out that while the survey predicts Clinton as the win of the young vote, many still vote for other party candidates such as the Green Party and Libertarian Party.

Eric and Ivanka gave the best speeches and saved what was left of the Convention. Ivanka’s words was by far the best speech given and holding her the MVP of the RNC. Yet, the Republican Party has issues.


Many political experts and analyst agree that the Republican party has died, and Trump dealt the last blow. The most anticipated speech was Ted Cruz. He did not endorse Trump during his speech. Instead, he instructed everyone to vote for who they believe should be the president.

Even though a true statement, it sounded very passive aggressive on his part.  Near the end of his speech, he was booed at when Trump took side stage. Cruz may be feeling bitter about losing the nomination, yet we won’t know whether he’s right about not supporting Trump until after the November elections. And if he’s wrong, it won’t look good for him.

According to NPR and the PBS news collaboration during the Convention, Donald Trump’s speech was stated as one his better speeches. He made a lot of promises and said things which were a bit out of scope of the presidential powers. However, his speech indicated he’s the man to help our nations debt and trade. NPR fact checked a lot of his statements which turned out to be pretty accurate for the most part.

It’s been a long, arduous journey for the Republican party, both historical and throughout 2016. Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for President of the United States. The Republican Party needs to reach more people and that involves change on so hot issues or this party may not be around much longer.



One response to “Republicans Never Forget: RNC 2016 Disaster

  1. We won’t know whether Cruz was right not to endorse Trump until November? Politics isn’t just a game. If Trump wins and is a disaster, Cruz’s decision would be right, though bad for his political future.


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