INTERVIEW: Timothy Hardy ~ Business Owner


Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering

Owner of Hardy Lovee Catering


Greeting ladies and gentleman.  I have one question; did anyone bring an appetite?  If not, I strongly believe you will have one after you finish reading this interview.  Oh, looking at the pictures will be your undoing if you’re on a so-called diet (even though our interviewee can prepare healthy dishes on demand).

Today Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC proudly presents Timothy Hardy, owner of Hardy Lovee Catering.  Mr. Hardy has been catering in the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area for numerous years.  His talent for cooking, attention to detail, and pure professionalism, makes him a stand0ut from the rest of the catering businesses in the DMV.

We hope you will enjoy the interview and look for his contact information below.  You won’t be disappointed if you hire him right away!  (You know since we are in the middle of summer which means–COOKOUTS!!)


K.G/S.U.M: How did you get started in the catering business? How long has your company been in existence? What was your motivation in creating this company? What is the make up of your company?

Timothy:  I started catering in the mid 1990’s while attending college at Morgan St. My dorm housing paperwork got lost, so I ended up getting my own apartment. A lot of the friends that I met there were tired of eating cafeteria food and had cravings for a home cooked meal. On Sundays, I would make enough dinner for students so they could take food back to their dorm rooms, and this is how I started getting experience on how to prepare meals for groups of people. The dynamics of my company consist of just myself. At times when I do have large catering jobs, my family helps me out.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  What made you come up with the name “Hardy Lovee Catering?” What was the inspiration if any with creating such a designation?

Timothy:  My full time job currently is a Culinary Arts teacher and the name of my company was actually inspired by one of my students. Whenever I would prepare meals at my school, a student liked the food so much, he would always tell me, “Hardy you put the love in it”. And Hardy Lovee was created out of that phrase.

K.G/S.U.M:  What is your specialty food items if any? Do you believe in an extensive menu or a limited menu? Also what food dishes do you personally like to cook?

Timothy:  What’s my specialty…  I think that’s a question that a caterer should never answer because it sells yourself short. I always answer that question with: “I can prepare anything you want and you will truly enjoy It”. There’s no dish that I personally like to cook and just enjoy the art of cooking in itself.

K.G/S.U.M:  What areas do you cater to, or is there any limits to the areas you cover?

Timothy:  I have exclusive events that I limit myself too. I’ve done weddings, small parties, cook-outs, banquets and many more different types of events.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  What favorite dish do you like to cook and what preparations do you make in creating it? What are the dishes that majority of your clients ask for?

Timothy:  I’ve prepared meals from all regions across the globe. From soul food to Latin dishes to Asian delicacies. Seem as though every client desires a different prepared menu.

K.G/S.U.M:  How long has “Hardy Lovee Catering” been in business? What were the main road blocks in sustaining this business? What advice would you give to a person who wanted to create a catering company as well as running a small business?

Timothy:  Starting a catering company is very difficult because most people are very hesitant and skeptical about trying new foods. Word of mouth can hugely make or break your business. This is why consistency is so key. When a client ask for your food they expect for it to taste the same every single time, especially if they truly enjoyed it.

K.G/S.U.M What do you define as a great client and why? Do you believe your perceptions of a workable client is deemed on your own experiences or from others interactions in the business world of catering?

Timothy:  To me, a great client is anyone who is open to experience a new taste and knows exactly what they want and how they want it prepared. That makes the job of a caterer so much easier.

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

Hardy Lovee Catering dishes..

K.G/S.U.M:  When working a catering job do you have particular theme to go along with what you are serving? If so are these requested by the client or are they of your own liking?

Timothy:  The theme is usually dictated by the client. So that usually determines the flow and environment of the event.

K.G/S.U.M:  When advertising what methods work the best for you for people to find out about your business? Do you believe that marketing via social media is just as important as face to face interaction?

Timothy:  I think the best form of advertising is word of mouth. I do, at times use social media items such as Facebook and Instagram, but the best advertisement are people talking about your business in a positive manner.

K.G/S.U.M:  In conclusion what does “Hardy Lovee Caterings” have in store for the reminder of 2016 and 2017? What future plans would you like to inform your current and potential customers for next year?

Timothy:  I believe that being in the culinary industry you must realize that this environment is always evolving. You must stay current with the ways to prepare foods and the trends that come with them.

Some’n Unique Magazine would once again like to thank Mr. Timothy Hardy for taking the time to conduct this interview.  We know he has a busy schedule, catering, teaching, mentoring and all around being a hero to his community. Good luck sir!


Contact information for Hardy Lovee Catering are: ~ 202-617-7709


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