Grown-ups Grow Up Too

Lakesha Mathis


Wedding Rings. Getty Images. Poplasen.

Imagine your fiancé deciding at the last minute he or she doesn’t want to marry you. Add to that, they are in love with someone else. Now add co-parenting responsibilities to that. You would never imagine the people in this scenario becoming friends nor considering each other family. But it’s possible.

Most often the things that are meant to allow us to grow, are the most difficult, personal experiences. You never know what the lesson is until the experience is long over and you have recovered. You can’t see the purpose during the pain. Sometimes, those we meet as adversaries end up being our biggest supporters. Sometimes we have to put our hurts aside to see other’s hurts even when they don’t see it themselves.

Every seemingly contradictory action is not as it appears. Sometimes our adversaries release us from bonds we thought were meant to be forever only to create the ones that are meant to be forever.

Contradiction. 2009. Kent Brandenburg.

He’s gone, they’re grown and the two women who once hated each other sit side by side at their sons’ graduation. They share laughs and bond over their experiences in a way neither of them could have imagined ten years ago. He’s gone. Seems they’ve realized their purpose was not him but them; their growth.

The intentions for which the relationship began were not the intentions of the universe. There was always a different plan for them. They just had to embrace it. Intentions matter; clear intentions win.

So while you never know what life will throw at you; you can control the way you respond. A controlled response determines a bright future. Emotional hurt offers two options;

  • 1. Move forward filled with anger
  • 2. Mourn the pain and move on better for the experience

The angry path perpetuates the hurt and blocks good things. The path of acceptance takes you closer to the happiness you desire, that relationship you want. That love you deserve.

When grown ups grow up life is amazing!



Kent Brandenburg


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