Gravity: Backlash From An American Tradition

Hope Elle

Photo by Sharon Steinman. Michael Moore Shooting Protest - Mobile, AL. Jul. 17th, 2016

Photo by Sharon Steinman. Michael Moore Shooting Protest – Mobile, AL. Jul. 17th, 2016

The beauty of freedom and democracy is written in our American Constitution and Bylaws; Suggesting, we have the right to the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. And let it be said, that all men are created equal. However, recent events that are eerily similar to the ending of segregation in the late 1950’s and “taking it to the streets” protest rallies of the 1960’s, may prove nothing has changed or should it be said, problems of the past has not yet been resolved. And thus, makes its presence felt in the new millennium. The Baton Rouge and Minneapolis shootings coupled with the questionable lynching in Atlanta, have many wondering, is it open season on Black American Men? And could the tragic deadly shooting in Dallas of five police officers, be the rooster coming home to roost?

Photo by LM Otero. Dallas Officer Funeral. Jul 17th, 2016.

Photo by LM Otero. Dallas Officer Funeral. Jul 17th, 2016.

As the edge of night faded out the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air of the Independence Day celebration of freedom and liberty, the latter two would come into question; When news of a police involved shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday July 5, 2016 dominated television and radio airwaves, along with news feeds on Facebook and Twitter. A streaming video played all over social media was eerily reminiscent of the 1990’s fatal shooting of LaTasha Harlin, and police beating of Rodney King. Which, both ironically, were recorded and sparked outrage erupting into fatally violent protest in the heart of Los Angeles, California; due to the miscarriage of justice in both cases. As Americans became immersed with minimal information, on what transpired, leading to what appeared to be an unnecessary fatal shooting, questions surrounding police accountability and responsibility took center stage.


As the story starting to slowly unfold, familiar finger pointing at the victim rationalization emerged; as it was revealed Alton Sterling had a deep criminal record. Almost giving the impression there was some validation for the fatal shooting; considering a gun would be pulled from Sterling’s pocket. Yet, his hands were nowhere near his pocket. The video depicts graphic footage of police manhandling Sterling, wrestling him up against a parked vehicle, eventually laying him to rest amongst the ground upon his back, his left arm pressed on the ground, no right arm in sight, officer yells out “He’s Got A Gun!” Suddenly, shots fired!!!! A woman weeps in the background, a life is lost forever.

To be continued


3 responses to “Gravity: Backlash From An American Tradition

  1. Only a moron would compare the fifties and sixties civil rights struggles with what is happening in America today only a moron


    • Only a moron would fail to see the blatant correlation and relevance. Check the headlines dipshit… We’re not the only ones who have noticed the similarities.

      Richard, whoever the hell you are (nobody to everybody)… your ignorant, uneducated ass has just been blocked. If you have a difference of opinion, that’s fine, please voice your thoughts in a productive, respectful manner… and it might be a good idea to have supporting facts and references to stand on, rather than senseless rhetoric shooting out your ass. But you will not attack my writers like this!

      F. Kenneth Taylor,
      Owner, Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC


    • And this is the reason, why America is in the condition it’s in now. Everything, that has happened in the late 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are extremely similar to events happening now. The only difference, is there’s advance technology and social media to EXPOSE what has been hidden for years. And now, the ignorance and uneducated are getting there just due for not taking accountability and responsibility for their actions in the past; which is coming home to roost. Apparently, I struck a nerve and as a writer I will continue to do just that. So you, Richard Antonucci NYC have no clue to the Civil Rights struggle back then or now. It’s all one in the same, nothing has changed but then again you wouldn’t know that; you’re too narrowly focused, myopic and extremely ignorant. MORON!!!!


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