INTERVIEW: Sean Eric Mulkey ~ Artist

Photo c/o Sean Eric Mulkey.

Photo c/o Sean Eric Mulkey.

~   ARTIST   ~

I’m truly happy to present today’s guest, who is not only an extraordinary artist, but an equally, self-taught musician as well. But rather than me blab on-and-on about this very talented man, I’ll let him speak for himself, so with no farther ado, I give you… Sean Eric Mulkey!

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: First of all Sean, thank you for sitting down with S.U.M today, we truly appreciate it.

You were born on the West Coast, in San Diego, but currently live in Atlanta, tell us what brought you to the South?

Sean: You’re welcome. What brought me to Atlanta was a better opportunity for exposure in reference to my art and a better job opportunity. In general, I just needed to be in a better condition of living. When I was living in Albany, GA I’d always felt that Atlanta was home for me because of the creative culture that was saturated throughout the city.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I can certainly understand that. Atlanta has always been a melting pot for creativity and entrepreneurship. So do you have kids? If so, are they interested in art also?

Sean: I currently don’t have kids of my own.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: All in due time, brotha. In your artwork, Acrylics are your preferred medium… Why Acrylics?

Sean: I love the simplicity of acrylics because I can do so much more with them in reference to it’s application and various techniques I can explore. Because acrylics are water-based paints, it allows me to produce an idea and it without having to wait for the surface to dry layers and layers at a time.

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I’ve always like acrylics for their texture; you can literally feel the brush strokes, and somewhat re-trace the artist’s movements.

Do you, or have you taught others how to draw & paint?

Sean: Some years ago, I used to teach art at a private school. I’ve taught children the basic elements and principles of drawing and painting, and I’ve also did various projects with them as well. Now I just provide welcomed advice to those who desire help or understanding in relations to a ything dealing with art.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: It’s great that you’ve been able to introduce a new generation to the arts, and provide a very positive recreation for them.

Most artist use a traditional white canvas, but you use a black canvas instead. What made you break from the traditional white canvas?

Sean: I prefer to paint exclusively on black canvases for various reasons. One, I like the fact that I can manipulate specific element such as values of lights and shadows and forms on the canvas. Two, I also like the various shades and color combinations that I’m able to create on black canvases. There’s an emotional dark undertone in reference to textures that I repeatedly produce within the beginning process of work that I can’t produce on a traditional white canvas. Three, black canvases, to me, represents an area of dark void and nothingness which demands to be transformed into an area of subjective and life… a place of existence. In general, painting exclusively on black canvases is just a convention that I’ve set up for creative standards.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: Well, let me tell you… from one artist to another… The black canvas is definitely working for your!

Let’s get into your music for a second… Tell us how does your music influence your art?

Sean: Well whenever I’m listening or playing music, depending on the mood, I see different images and colors that push me artistically in many ways. As I’m going about my day, I have to have music playing in my ear at all times. Music helps keep me in a creative state of mind. Music helps me relax while I’m painting and provides me with an escape from the outside world. I like to listen to various genres of music depending on the mood of what I’m painting at the time. Music issue definitely an important tool in my creative process.

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I’m a huge music lover. I love anything smooth, mellow, and/or acoustic. Sometimes I play something soft when I write, and it helps me focus.

So how did you teach yourself to play Keyboard?

Sean: When I was11 years old, I would play on my aunt’s old stationary piano she had at her house. I would play little songs like Mary Had A Little Lamb and London Bridge is Falling Down and my aunt from a distance started noticing how well I was able to catch on to the songs, so she got me connected to a guy that could teach me how to play the piano. I would take piano lessons from him every Tuesday until the time me and my family moved to Florida. At that time I knew how to play buy ear so I started developing my playing ability on my own. Two years later, we moved back to Georgia and continued to developers myself through playing in church.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: Cool. Big thanks to your aunt! Do you perform musically?

Sean: I used to play for my church down in Albany, GA, but now I just play at home during my spare time. I don’t currently have any music gigs right now. Music is more of a source of inspiration for my art in comparison to it playing for public recreation.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I read this interesting concept in your bio, and knew there was no way I could do this interview without mentioning it. Explain “Perspective Realism.”

Sean: To describe my painting style “Perspective Realism” I would simply state that it’s a style or manner in which I paint figures and scenes as they are experienced or might be experienced using various perspectives that would enable the viewer to acquire a sense of being a part of the actual environment or situation within that environment.


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F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I don’t know if you realize it, but that’s pretty deep!

Okay, as an artist myself, I know artwork at your skill level is extremely time-consuming. I’ve spent days on a single piece, and I’m good, but I’m got quite a ways to go before I reach your level… So what’s the longest its ever taken you to complete a piece?

Sean: The longest I’ve ever worked on a piece was a little over a year. That painting is “Detour

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: Wow! That’s about how long it usually takes me to write a book!

Your art has been described as being “inspired from life itself”… How do you begin working on a new piece? What’s your process, as well as your thought process?

Sean: Well, all of my most recent works begins in a format of abstraction. The dripping of paint is just one of the visual conventions that I’ve established for later works which serves multiple purposes. It serves as my signature trade mark, adding a little mystery for the viewer to interpret for themselves. Within my interpretation the abstraction of paint drippings and splatter patterns creates a story underneath a story… a story in which is not visually seen, but emotionally felt. It is the foundation that expresses a sense of chaos and disorder. In life we all go through many processes and it’s not always glamorous or comfortable, but in the mist of our adversities we prevail. Painting over these abstractions of struggle and pain represents an act of overcoming our trail and tribulations… erasing the past and replacing it with a beautiful picture in the present. I allow the splatters and dripping in some areas of the completed painting to be visible to the viewer’s eye. They indicate battle scars which I hope would strike up some interesting conversations down the road ahead.

~ Sean Eric Mulkey Videos ~ 

Video 1  ~ Sean Eric Mulkey Plays Keyboard

Video 2 ~ Sean Eric Mulkey Plays Keyboard II


Artwork of Sean Eric Mulkey

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I can totally agree… I don’t know what it is about dripping paint, but it does tap into one’s emotion. I noticed the dripping paint on the Tupac piece you did… and as a major Pac fan… that was an excellent piece by the way.

Your art has a lot of “unique-ness” to it… You plan as you paint… the background is painted seamlessly for consistent flow… you physically see your envision before starting a new piece… I could go on-and-on…

How much of you… Sean Mulkey, is reflected in your art?

Sean: Every ounce of me is reflected in my art. Every life experience and personal involved… every life decision I’ve made… every personal interest and concern is reflected in my work. Life has taught me a lot about patience and rejection has taught me a lot about accepting and appreciating who I am in regards to me being an artist. I’ve allowed my hurt and frustration to create a place for my art to step in and provide some emotional healing, security and focus from the outside world. Without the distractions of other people’s acceptance of me, I was able focus more on my art which definitely reflects my current work today.

F. Kenneth/S.U.M: I think every creative individual, whether they’re an artist, writer, musician, etc… I think they all incorporate personal and actual experiences into their work and creations, and that’s what makes their work and creations—Art.

So what can we expect in the future? Any exhibitions? Maybe a musical concert? What’s cooking in the lab?

Sean: You can definitely expect a solo exhibition in the near future and I will be traveling with work to different cities. Also expect to see some new forms of art work coming soon. I definitely have some special new projects cooking up, but I’m keeping it on the hush hush for right now.


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F. Kenneth/S.U.M: Sean, congrats on all your success, we wish much more, and will continue to follow you and your work. You’re always welcomed back at Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC! Thanks for a wonderful interview!


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