Is History Not Teaching Us Enough?

Sourav “Teddy” Biswas


Photo by The remains of South Central Riot in LA, 1992

It gives such a pain and remorse to know that how people of a country who are meant to lead the rest of the 3rd world to a better economy and livelihood; are not only engaged in terrorism outside their boundary, but also disturbances within their own soil. History always tells us how people were killed merely based on skin colours they inherited and religions they preached.  Even today with all the advancement in standard of living, we are falling prey to such a heinous dilemma, which is grinding society simply by how people look instead of how they treat each other.

The recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile put a horrific shockwave to the community of people who have witnessed the bitter reality of past upon them. It seems, the heads of society has forgotten the contributions of Black leaders and innovators like Eli Whitney, who brought the cotton industry to the USA during the fall of cash crops in 1793.  Perhaps they’ve forgotten Martin Luther King Jr., whose immense contribution to Civil Rights in the early 60s, put 70% of African-American votes in favour of John F. Kennedy. This was done at a time when their country was going through the worst of turmoil. And now under the leadership of the first Black president, Barrack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States; the country is going through the worst of internal disturbances. After the infamous South Central Riots in 1992 these recent killings can trigger the next wave of widespread turmoil in the country.


Photo by Million Man March, 1995

Already the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, has triggered unrest among society, and the unrest was taken off by two snipers shooting 12 police officers and killing 5 in Dallas, TX on July 8th. Looking at all these incidents from the other side of the world, puts a fear of unrest among the hearts of developing nations. Recent incidents of terrorism in Bangladesh, incessant killing of people in the Middle Eastern countries, and then ruthless, abusive use of law enforcement upon the people, are all shifting the paradigm of security and fundamental rights to live & prosper, away from the leaders of the world. Once we all, irrespective of our colour, creed and caste have followed them (Million Man March in 1995 USA, Dandi March in 1930 colonized India etc.)  to their dream of a world which would be free of any social antagonism and volatility of humanism. Today we are living in a free world, and when we all witness such horrific slaughter of humanity, do we ever think of the very soil we now cultivate these crimes, carry the footnote of people who have laid their lives just for the sake of us and our children!! The pages of history is filled with evidence of wars and atrocities evolving from diminutive sway of thinking among people and again we are all walking on the same road to face the exact same result. I hope the pages of history are turned at least once before we all winch hatred among ourselves.




5 responses to “Is History Not Teaching Us Enough?

  1. I believe we will never learn from history other than how to improve our technology. The reason is because we are humans who have human traits such as greed and love for power. The points we would learn from history would be how to be more strategic in our approach, but I’m afraid the killings will continue because this is part of our human nature.


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