Reflections Of The UK’s Withdrawal From The European Union

Adam Mattis 
of Manchester, United Kingdom

Brexit – what would happen if Britain left the EU? | Politics ...

Brexit – what would happen if Britain left the EU? | Politics …

This insightful and informative article was originally written June 26, 2016 by Adam Mattis, an excellent writer and resident of Manchester, United Kingdom.  Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC is extremely grateful and appreciative of Adam for giving us a first-hand perspective of this event.  You’re always welcomed at S.U.M Adam! 

Thank you!
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K.G Bethlehem ~ Gen. Mgr.

67 ways your life may change if the UK 'Brexits'

67 ways your life may change if the UK ‘Brexits’

Today is a very important day. Today is the day we all woke up to find that we have left the EU. I don’t always have the most to say when it comes to politics here, but I’m truly disappointed. Yes, the majority voted, that is how democracy works.  This is about to become such a turbulent and fluctuate time; especially when considering building a future.

Photographer Unk. Title Unk. Jun 26, 2016.

A large percentage of young people voted to remain, 75% I believe. I was one of those young people. I am not afraid of those in the propaganda I have seen in the days leading to this decision. I am not one who read the newspapers telling me to leave every single day. I am not fearful of the older generations and I believe myself and many young voters made that crystal clear yesterday. I’ve been told about “the immigrants coming to take everything “, “benefits scroungers”, “taking our country back” and much more.  I have yet to believe a word of it. Fear-mongering and grandstanding tactics are what made so much of this vote. The media’s feeding the public this pride in seeped in xenophobic inferences and I know that is a key factor in what has allowed this to happen. The UK is a brilliant place and it is strong. But people tend to forget how it became so. What was involved with creating this place where we live. We need people from abroad. We always have. They are our engineers, our teachers, our doctors, our lawyers, our dentists, our surgeons and so much more. I am disappointed in so many ways that people have allowed the beginning of such an unsteady time to arise.

EU exit would put US trade deal at risk, Britain warned | World news | The Guardian

EU exit would put US trade deal at risk, Britain warned | World news | The Guardian.

We are now walking into the abyss. The darkness, the uncertain. The literal unknown. I’m being sold on pride here. I’ve held up the Union Jack in foreign places but have yet to trust and fully understand the hearts of so many others I’ve seen do so here. People talking about trying to build better connections should realize that this has not only complicated relations politically, but will also do so on a whole other level socially. I am an optimistic person, if you know me, you know that is true, but I am, for the first time in a long time, feeling very uneasy… The consequences here will be long standing. All I have heard about is “the future” “the future”… What about the present. Anyone who voted, well done. You made a choice and now we have to live with it and see where it takes us. 

To quote my sister from this morning…

“And now we have Nigel Farage claiming that there was a ‘mistake’ when they said £350 million a week would go to the NHS if we left, I wonder what other ‘mistakes’ will be revealed this week.”

We are in for a massive change… Shops are shutting down. Food is ceasing to be sold. Japan isn’t trading with us currently. The Pound has dropped. What happened to Sports Direct will happen here. Workers rights are going to be so tough.


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