Training for Writing


Photographer Unk. So You Want To Be A Writer. May 18, 2016.

Photographer Unk. So You Want To Be A Writer. May 18, 2016.

Writing is a difficult exercise for many. It’s not like humans are born with a pen in hand prepared to write the next great American novel. It can be one of the most demanding activities for those with no inclination towards the craft. But then there are those born with a gift of story-telling that makes others jealous. Still others have a spark of creativity that needs to be honed over time.

Creating stories from nothing, combining words together forming coherent thoughts is not easy. It can be compared to running a race. When preparing for a race, a runner doesn’t wake up one day and say “today I’m gonna run a marathon.” They’d never finish! Without proper training and preparation, they’d fail. Writing is very much like that.

When first written, stories are never close to perfection. No writer nails it on the first try. Revision and editing are the tools that turn jumbled words to beautiful prose. But like a runner, a writer cannot suddenly decide they are going to write and expect success. It takes training to make it work.


Home Office. N.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2016

Runners need to prep their bodies for the punishment running places on their legs and lungs. They have to start with slow, short runs in order to build up their stamina and increase muscle strength. Daily training helps build up the body so when race day comes, the runner is prepared to deal with exhaustion and physical pain. Proper training gives the runner the foundation to succeed.

Writing follows a similar path. Daily training in the form of free-writing or blogging or journaling helps hone the skills needed to succeed. Outlining ideas and even the act of thinking about the story can help a writer create interesting stories. When a writer uses their skills often, they are preparing themselves for success in the same way a runner does. When the time comes to write that best seller, all the work put into learning the craft will guide them to a greater chance of success.


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