Ready for Love?


Ready for Love. WWW.NBC.COM.

What does it mean to be ready for love? And if we are ready, why  do we create blockades with irrelevant lists of “wants” and “don’t wants?” Isn’t love, all we want? And if we are ready for love why does it seem to elude us?  Personally, I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel ready for love. However, my actions didn’t always line up with the readiness I professed.

Love is one of the most unpredictably desirable things about life. It can be confusing, overwhelming and inspiring. Confusing; like when we are so in love with a jerk but, we can’t shake the urge to be with them, even though we know they’re the worst person for us. After all we can fix people with our love, right? Not right! We cannot love anyone into submission. Love doesn’t fix.

Love doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. In fact love doesn’t even mean every relationship will work. Love alone does not make a great relationship. Love requires several helpmates like communication, forgiveness, willingness and compassion.

Being ready for love means, being ready for the vulnerability that is inherent to love. It means compromise when we may not really want to. It means forgiving what we thought we couldn’t and even walking away sometimes. It means understanding the humanness that makes us all flawed.  And when we are truly ready for love it comes.

We have to stop doubting love. Doubts about love will attract doubtful love. What we are feeling creates the energy and vibes that we put into the universe about love.  When we are ready for love we have to believe in love. We have to remove the boundaries our fears and doubts have placed on love.

Fear is a Liar. Facebook Quotes. 2016

We cannot fear others’ intentions; we have to trust what we want and lead with our own intentions. Fear and love cannot coexist. Fear smothers love. Living in the moment can help remove fears and doubts.  We have to believe that where we are right now is where we need to be.

Being mindful that love almost never looks like we thought it would, helps us to better receive it. Love doesn’t speak sweetly into our ears all of the time. But it’s always tender. Love is always there we just have to accept it. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way. Love is waiting for us to choose it. So if you want love choose it with your intentions, not your words.




One response to “Ready for Love?

  1. Great observations. Too many think that love completes them, secure them and so many other things but love is a need that we all require. Nothing takes the place of love!!


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