Hello everyone!

All of us here at Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC  (S.U.M), sincerely appreciate and thank you for your support.  In an attempt to re-vitalize this page and re-connect with our WP followers, I have decided to convert this site into the official S.U.M blog!

During this process you will notice that some of our previously published articles are no longer available and some content (pics, vids, etc…) may be missing from others.  Unfortunately, nearly 50% of our media and pictures had to be removed to create additional memory space…

Other articles were reverted back to “Drafts” or deleted entirely, as they were originally written and published by former writers of S.U.M, and with the forthcoming blog, we wanted a “fresh” start.  This was a painful decision, as much of the media that was removed created discrepancies within some of our better articles.  I have tried to preserve as many articles as possible & apologize for any inconvenience.

The new blog will;
  • Allow S.U.M writers to be more personable with their work
  • Host new features & columns from the S.U.M writers
  • Announce forthcoming S.U.M events
  • Be the “go-to” place for all things S.U.M & more!



F. Kenneth Taylor;
Owner, Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC


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