INTERVIEW: Sindian Da’ Goddess; Street Hip-Hop Intellectual



Sindian Da’ Goddess



Men and women, hip hop heads and artists in general, here’s the mega interview the India Hip-Hop game has been waiting for. Formerly of Staten Island, NY… Sindian, the Righteous Hip-Hop Goddess, hailing from southern Virginia.

She’s been in the game for many years, performing, producing and creating intelligent reality rap that is a mixture of street and knowledge of self. This interview goes into the inner-workings of the mindset of this creative artist, who paved the road of future happenings as well as past disclosures. Here is a segment of her thoughts:

“Sindian starting rapping at the age of 12, where her constant battles and cyphers throughout the five boroughs helped her to distinguish her skills: utilizing the streets as a mental tool and/or gain for her music. The same women who as a teen used to memorize the lyrics to her favorite songs as a guide to gain a lyrical structure is now working on her second album; six mix tapes and counting. What may set her apart from the competitive exhaustion of the business and/or industry is her deep thought process and/or methoding; tending to analyze each and every aspect, broadening her awareness. Sindian’s music essentially delivers truth which is what she stands for as an individual, which in return balances the mind-set of her fan base; forming a unity between current fans and future audiences.

Sindian Da' Goddess

Sindian Da’ Goddess

Alright, enough of the wait, here’s the Sindian interview and be forewarned; you might feel a warm sensation of creative hip hop running through your veins. It’s normal vibes from her, get used to it.

K.G./S.U.M: How long have you been in the business of hip hop and did you choose it or did it choose you?

Sindian: I’ve been in the business of hip-hop for almost 16 years now. I started off very young. I would have to say that hip hop chose me in a way and also I chose hip hop. Its all one in the same my path been written.

K.G./S.U.M: What styles influenced you throughout the years in shaping your craft? What artists made you want to create the best songs you could make?

Sindian: A lot of styles influence me my main influence was my upbringing. I’m from Staten island NY, so a lot Wu, Kung Fu flicks, and just growing up having knowledge of self. Jazz has n still is a heavy influence as well as many genres. I look to many sources to get inspired n perfect my craft from.

K.G./S.U.M: You hear people talking about what’s new with hip-hop and that the game is struggling with talent what says you to all of this? What do you believe should be done if any to make hip hop more creative and thought provoking?

Sindian: I don’t mind the change everything changes. Evolves it’s all a process. I have some new artists I like and I always love to see what youth has to bring to table and what it is they want to talk about. I believe it is more creative artists are stepping out the box and expressing themselves in many ways. I don’t believe the game is struggling with new talent I think it’s just more artists are taking a Indie route.

K.G./S.U.M: Do you believe that sexism played a role in how people view women hip hop artist today? If so what do you believe is the root cause of this and what symptoms do people confused with being the root cause of such a viewpoint?

Sindian: I think everything in the past n present has somewhat been sexist. There has always been a struggle of balance between the feminine and masculine energy. The female energy has been suppressed for so long and that is why u see more of expressive free females in the game now. Some may mistaken it as feminism or rage but in any form art the typical ego of the artist is not meant to be nice all the time or to fit someones standards beliefs or morals. That’s goes with anything though some are accept I’ve of that energy and some still want to have control over it. I say let it flourish maybe the world be a better place.

Sindian's chillin'

Sindian’s chillin’


Intelligent Diva

K.G./S.U.M: Focusing back to you what new projects are you working on? What are you favor themes to create and what preparation do you go through in creating your songs?

Sindian: I’m more focused on learning more about the arts reading watching more films etc as I get older. My creative process has change a lot. As my music is more of scripted plot that I can revise in many ways. Being that I just started producing doing graphics filming etc. My process is more stretch out. I’m a perfectionist so I’m always open to learning new things and applying it to my craft. My goal is though is to get some young female artists under my wing and help them achieve their dreams. I would love to executive produce a project. I’m currently working on my project “SINA” produced by AA Rashid and myself, we are at the point of just making it perfect. So soon come I’m saying summer 2016 is the goal. I’m also working on production for other artists and hopefully I will get my clothing line up and running.



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“Chilly” Album

K.G./S.U.M: Your music to some has been known as street, conscious hip hop with an edge of rough and intellectualism. Is this a true assessment of you and if not what is? If so how did you grow into this role of an artist?

Sindian: All of that is true some may say I more of one thing or the other. But that’s the beauty of art it’s open for discussion, critique and opinions. I’m versatile so I like to mix all of my experiences into my work so what may attract someone may not the next person or they may be attracted to something else about me. I don’t see it as a role I see it as my calling and whomever may needed to hear some Sindian on a specific day to get through something or to get hype or lit or to fuck their partner too or to hear a story they can relate to that’s what it’s for. Just living, healing and having experiences has grown me into the artist I am today.

K.G./S.U.M: Last question how did you come up with your name “Sindian?” What is the meaning if any behind such a name?

Sindian: Sindian was a name actually given to me by someone I have looked up to for years. Sindian is a village in Senegal, also it’s a district in Taiwan the republic of China Also spelled “Xindian”. When we came up with the name the fact I’m native played into it “Indian” and then we also wanted to play off the word “Sin” I can break it down for days but that’s enough for now. My music explains it more than me talking. Sindian is hip hop art science and culture.
I hope everyone enjoyed Sindian interview and below are links to her music and her facebook that also includes additional downloadable music and her clothing line. Support and enjoy great hip hop and thanks again for taking to time to think outside of the norm.

God Said Let There Be Right

God Said Let There Be Right

S.U.M would like to sincerely thank Sindian for granting us an excellent opportunity.  We wish you continued success and blessings.  You’re always welcomed back!







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