Great Acts of the Darken Ones: Part 1

by K.G. Bethlehem

“Some motherfuckers always try to ice skate up hill…”


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A superhuman night creature with a soul known as Blade, graced the big screen in the 90’s.  This somber trilogy arguably brought comic book movies back to the main stream (Yes, thank Wesley Snipes for that folks). The dark images and themes, along with a forbidding presence of an undead evil graced the screen. Blade was a hero to many. He fought against a secret society of vampires with his mentor, Whistler.  Once Blade and Whistler realized how powerful this organization was, they recruited an underground group of vampire hunters.  The order of truth between man and dark spawn was almost shattered by the actions of Deacon Frost.
In fact, the first real emotions observed in Blade were through the death of his mentor, Whistler.  It was at this time, that the audience was able to see the human side of Blade.

But Eric a.k.a Blade is an anti-hero.

He cares nothing about fame.

He barely cares about the feelings of the humans he protects but yet, he still protects them?

He protects them only, and I mean only, because of his hatred towards the vampires.   A seething hatred which stemmed from the vampires turning him into one of them.  Most importantly,  he hated the vampires for killing his mother. His hunger for revenge forced him over the edge and save the day, inadvertently.

Now, most of my information is from the first Blade film, not the comic books. I believe the original run of the Blade comics were created by writer Marv Wolfman and penciler, Gene Colan.  Blade’s first appearance was in the comic book, “The Tomb of Dracula #10” (July 1973) as a supporting character, which only lasted 6 issues. Through my recollection, when Whistler was killed and Blade saved the day, there was no one left to create the serum thus forcing Blade to become a full vampire (I might be mistaken on that but that’s what I heard from a friend who owned  all of the original Blade comics).

Blade is an intriguing anti hero who you cheer for but not for defeating hell spawns…

But rather, for discovering a love for his mother that keeps him going.





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