Some'n Unique Magazine, LLC
Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC

Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, affectionately, “S.U.M”, is an ethnic-rich, ‘free-voice’, online magazine headquartered in St. Louis, MO.  Created by Self-Published Author/Entrepreneur, F. Kenneth Taylor, S.U.M is devoted to producing authentic, engaging, culturally-diverse content for every walk of life.

With an equally diverse team of talented and accredited writers/self-published authors from across the globe in; St. Louis, MO, E. St. Louis, IL, Washington DC, and India.  We have Guest Writers in Canada, Illinois, and Baltimore.  S.U.M has authoritatively taken the helms of;

  • Creative & Visual Arts
  • Spirituality
  • Family & Education
  • Social & World Affairs/Events
  • Cultural/World Music
  • Light Entertainment & More!

This blog is an extension of the Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, and was designed to allow the S.U.M writers and audience (you!) the opportunity to connect on a more personal level.


Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC delivers more than well-written, thought-provoking articles, we also strive to network with fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses to forge lasting rapports within the business community.

To expand upon our efforts of connecting with the business and entrepreneurial communities, we offer the following services;

  • Interviews
  • Web Content
  • Advertising
  • Book Reviews & More

Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC continues to work to present additional services, content, events, and features to our peers and audience in the near future. Please continue to support us… WE  TRULY  APPRECIATE  YOU!

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    1. Ms. Jackson,

      Thank for reaching out to Some’n Unique Magazine, LLC, we truly appreciate it. There are several options available to you under the “Interviews” section of our “Services” tab, which I’ve included the link to below. Simply review the options, see which one fits you best, and contact me to arrange scheduling. I’ve also included the link to the Jan. 2018 Issue.


      JAN. 2018 ISSUE

      Thank you again,
      F. Kenneth Taylor ~ Owner
      uniqueonlinemag@yahoo.com (ATTN: Kenneth)


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